Top 10 Virtual Event Companies Worldwide

The events industry has undergone a profound transformation, pivoting towards virtual platforms to foster engagement, networking, and knowledge sharing. As the demand for dynamic virtual experiences continues to soar, discerning organisations seek the expertise of pioneering companies that redefine the landscape of virtual events.

From immersive trade shows to interactive conferences, these top 10 virtual events companies stand at the forefront, orchestrating unparalleled digital experiences that captivate their audiences.


1. Vievma


Established in 2020, Vievma emerges as a small but mighty company driven by the ambition to revolutionise event experiences through cutting-edge technology and over two decades of expertise in event management.

At Vievma, they pride themselves on exceeding expectations and catering to their clients’ needs with unparalleled dedication. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their seamless event solutions, meticulously crafted through an industry-leading planning approach. Whether it’s virtual or hybrid events, their bespoke solutions ensure a stress-free experience, allowing clients to concentrate on what truly counts. 

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2. GPJ Experience Marketing


GPJ Experience Marketing, headquartered in Detroit, is a powerhouse in creating digital brand experiences across a spectrum of events and digital platforms. Their clientele includes industry giants like Google, Facebook, Capcom, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, and Honda.

With a rich history in experiential marketing, GPJ continually invests in cutting-edge digital tools, data analytics, and a talented team for both creative and live production. Currently, they employ over 1,400 professionals spread across 30 offices worldwide.


3. Jack Morton Worldwide


Jack Morton Worldwide boasts an impressive roster of clients, including renowned names like Waze, Uber, NFL, MillerCoors, Honeywell, VMware, Google, and Adidas, positioning them as a top player in the industry. With an 80-year legacy, Jack Morton has mastered the art of creating exceptional event experiences, adapting seamlessly from traditional live events to virtual and hybrid formats.

Renowned accolades such as Brand Experience Agency of the Year and Best Virtual Experience highlight their commitment to innovation. Jack Morton is actively investing in touchless experiences and low-touch technology to ensure the future relevance of their events.

4. Freeman


Freeman, recognised for its outstanding events, has catered to prominent brands such as Dell, MTV, Pepsi, Audi, and VidCon. Their global presence facilitates an average of 19 events per day worldwide, earning them an impressive tally of 132 industry awards over the past two years.

Freeman distinguishes itself by prioritising content creation and storytelling, recognising the power of gamification in virtual events to drive engagement and foster creativity.


5. Pico Group


Pico Group, based in Hong Kong, specialises in brand transformation and has a significant presence in Asian and Middle Eastern markets. Notable projects include mega-events like the Mother of the Nation Festival in Abu Dhabi and the iLight Festival in Singapore.

Their portfolio also features contracts with prestigious events such as Expo 2020 Dubai and the Tokyo Olympics, alongside collaborations with leading brands like BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Mercedes-Benz. Pico Group attributes its success to strategic investments in technology, particularly those leveraging data intelligence and analytics.


6. Opus Agency


Opus Agency, headquartered in Oregon, advocates for immersive brand experiences to establish enduring connections with audiences. Serving clients such as Dell, General Electric, Microsoft, YouTube, and Salesforce, Opus prioritises innovation and creativity in crafting virtual events that leave a lasting impact. They are known for pushing boundaries and introducing clients to unconventional solutions.


7. Ashfield Meetings and Events


Ashfield Meetings and Events specialises in creating emotionally resonant experiences tailored for the healthcare industry. Based in Pennsylvania, they have earned a reputation for engaging audiences on multiple levels, both intellectually and creatively. While traditionally focused on healthcare, Ashfield’s sister brand, Spark Thinking, extends their quality services to organisations beyond the healthcare sector.


8. Balich Worldwide Shows


Balich Worldwide Shows, headquartered in Milan, is renowned for orchestrating spectacular projects and large-scale events, including the Olympic Ceremonies. With a focus on eliciting emotions through their work, Balich positions itself as “emotional engineers,” crafting narratives that deeply resonate with audiences.

Their acclaimed permanent show, “Last Judgement – The Secrets of the Sistine Chapel,” showcases their expertise in blending art with technology to amplify emotional experiences.


9. CWT Meetings & Events


CWT Meetings & Events, a family-run company based in Minneapolis, specialises in creating live and virtual events that captivate and exceed expectations. With a global footprint spanning 68 offices, they have managed thousands of meetings and events worldwide.

CWT emphasises fresh, innovative approaches, combining immersive experiences with real-time feedback, speaker optimisation, and social media integration to deliver memorable events.


10. First Global Events Agency


First Global Events Agency, a 25-year-old agency, is dedicated to crafting compelling narratives that connect audiences with leading brands.

Their diverse client portfolio includes Mercedes-Benz, Yahoo!, Verizon, Netflix, and Univision. First’s events are built on five foundational pillars: content, creativity, digital technology, management and delivery, and data and insights, ensuring a holistic approach to brand experiences.