How To Network Unlock Your iPhone


Have you got an iPhone that is locked to one network? If the answer is yes then you could be missing out on being able to shop around for a better contract deal, the freedom of a PAYG sim, getting loads of data with a local sim when you travel or not being able to sell your iPhone for the price you wanted.

Network providers tend to lock phones they offer on contract to their network, they do this to ensure you stick with them for the long term, often because the price of the contract helps subsidise the initial lower purchase cost of the iPhone. But once your contract period is up continuing with it often represents poor value for money.

How do I Network Unlock my iPhone?

Getting your iPhone unlocked used to feel like a minefield, often making you ask yourself what was legal, safe or worth bothering to do. Thankfully in recent years it’s become easy to unlock iPhone online, with third party unlocking services offering IMEI iPhone unlocking remotely and almost instantly.

IMEI unlocking works by whitelisting your device in Apple’s own database, you don’t need to enter any complicated codes or work through a cryptic how-to list, and all of the work is done by the unlocking company.

To start unlocking your iPhone, the first thing to do is make sure it’s actually locked. This is really simple, get a sim card from another network provider and pop it into the iPhone’s sim tray and switch the device on, if you get a warning saying ‘SIM Not Valid’ then you know your iPhone is locked. If you need to figure out what network it is locked to you can use an online network check service.

Next you’ll want to find your IMEI number, this is really easy as well, simply dial *#06# into your keypad, failing this the iPhone’s IMEI number is either embossed on the back of the phone or in the sim tray.

With the IMEI number noted down head online to one of the third party unlocking services to get your iPhone Unlocked. After some research we think we’ve found the best provider in this segment, and they are iPhone Approved Unlock. During our testing we were able to unlock iPhone 6, unlock iPhone 7 and unlock iPhone 8 all with quick service at a great price, that’s exactly what we want out of this, right? You’ll see from their simple form all you need is the IMEI number, your phone model, and network it is locked to.

Once you’ve filled in the form and paid, you’ll need to wait for a short while as the iPhone unlock is completed by iPhone Approved Unlock, once this has been completed you’ll receive an email telling you what to do next, I’ll let you into a secret, this step is even easier than the previous ones. If you can switch your iPhone on whilst connected to Wi-Fi, you’re done. You can connect your iPhone to iTunes to complete it as well, simple.

What are the Risks When Unlocking my iPhone?

There used to be many risks involved with unlocking an iPhone. Trying to jailbreak or unlock an iPhone using hacky methods could often result in the phone behaving strangely, the hardware being damaged or even locking users out altogether. Quite often users would spend ages perfecting their iPhone unlock only to have all their hard work undone the next time the phone updated itself!

IMEI unlocking removes all those risks. It is 100% safe as it works by whitelisting your iPhone in Apple’s own database. Your iPhone behaves no differently except being able to access any network provider worldwide

What are the Costs and Benefits of Unlocking my iPhone?

Generally unlocking iPhone with iPhone Approved Unlock costs around £20. If you remember earlier the price to unlock an iPhone offers up some enticing opportunities. If you try and sell an iPhone XS Max today, locked you’ll be lucky to get £850, but unlocked you’ll be able to sell it much more easily for around £1000, putting you £130 up. The same goes for buying too, ensure a used iPhone has no outstanding balance against it, pick it up for a bargain price and simply unlock it yourself!


Is Unlocking My iPhone Legal?

Yes. IMEI unlocking an iPhone is 100% legal.