Best Web Content Management Software

What is Web Content Management Software?


Web content management (WCM) systems enable users to create, edit, and publish digital content like text, interactive graphics for websites, and embed audio and video files. These systems make it easier for users without specific coding skills to write and upload content. WCM offers theme-oriented templates for unique designs, and is generally used in collaborative scenarios where multiple team members can monitor web content.

WCM systems are most often by digital marketing and creative teams. These systems can be plugged into third-party hosting platforms that can provide more complete website management functionality. They can also integrate with third-party CMS tools, marketing software, and content analytics software. They share features with enterprise content management (ECM), e-commerce platforms, and digital experience platforms (DXP).


Compare Top 5 Web Content Management Software:


TechRound have compiled a list of the top web content management software available for your business in 2021.


1. HubSpot CMS Hub




Starting at $300 per month, CMS Hub enables you to easily create and manage website pages that are personalised for visitors and optimised for devices. CMS Hub gives you a personalised, secure experience.




wordpress enables you to create a captivating website or blog.


3. Pantheon




Pantheon gives you all the tools that professional developers use, from $41 per month prepaid annually. Powering over 300,000 sites, Pantheon allows you to launch websites faster without having to worry about traffic spikes, performance, or security.


4. Duda




Duda enables you to build feature-rich websites perfectly suited for desktops, mobile, and tablet. Duda is automatically optimised for Google PageSpeed.


5. Progress Sitefinity


progress sitefinity


With over 10,000 websites using Progress Sitefinity, it helps users to engage, convert, and retain visitors across the whole customer journey.


Why Does My Business Need Web Content Management Software?


These unique tools enable you to create front-facing websites to attract current and potential clients. They are user-friendly with some needing no coding experience through templates and are used to solve a variety of problems that are frequently encountered by digital marketers.


How Much Does Web Content Management Software Cost?


As with all types of software, the cost of web content management software varies quite significantly. Some software is free to use and others charge a monthly or annual fee. Many software companies operate on an upgrade system wherein users can pay to upgrade the services offered by the free version.


Can I Get a Free Trial of Web Content Management Software?


You can get a free trial of web content management software. This lets you test out the features available with particular software packages before committing to payment.