What Can I Sell Fast Online?

People are always looking for ways to make money fast, whether you are a broke student or simply clearing out your house there are always possessions of yours that you will be able to sell fast online.

You really can make money from selling your old technology, clothes or even jewellery with just a click of a button on the internet. If you are looking to make an extra bit of money that this list provides some of the items you might want to start searching for around the house, before you start having to look for short term loans to tide yourself over.

There are even opportunities for you online if you are looking to sell something of higher value, cars, houses and diamonds are all items which have a market online and certain trusted vendors will allow you to sell your high value possessions to them quickly with a simple online form.

Here are some things, both high and low value, that you can sell fast online:

Old Technology

The simplest and quickest possession which you can sell online is your old technology. Whether that is old video games, old mobile phones or even old tablets, there is a market for all of these online.

With the rise of Netflix and the Cloud the need for DVDs, CDs and more has gone out of the window. There are online vendors that will accept your old games, DVDs, CDs and more and turn them into quick cash for you.

This is also true of old phones, laptops, tablets and any other technology that you might have around the house. Although you will not get as much as you purchased the item for, if it is a vintage or long sought after item you might get more than you realise for your old tech.


You may not realise it, but there are many online companies that will accept your property and sell it quickly online to cash buyers. These companies can turn over properties very quickly, so if you are stuck in a situation where you are in need to sell your property, this is a viable option.

These deals are all dealt with online including the application form and more, if you are stuck in another country or are in need of a quick buyer for your property then selling your house online for cash fast is possible.


It is possible to sell your diamonds or jewellery online quickly as well (source: YL Diamonds). Whether you have certified diamonds or simply some jewellery which is an heirloom from a relative who has passed away, selling them online could get you cash fast.

There are companies which will value and sell your diamonds all virtually, allowing you to sell your diamonds for good money without having to leave your bed!

If you have some diamonds that you are never going to use and are in need of a quick cash injection, selling your diamonds online is definitely possible.


Many people have a wardrobe full of old and new clothes that you will never wear. Whether you get them as a present from your family or have grown out of the size of the clothes then you could possibly sell them online for cash fast.

There are many sites and apps that allow you to sell your clothes online. If you have a lot of branded clothes then these will sell very quickly and you could get a lot of money for your clothes.

It is possible you did not realise you had vintage clothing in your wardrobe and this will certainly sell for the most. Take good photos and put accurate descriptions and your clothes will start to sell fast online.