What Startups Should Look For When Choosing an Office

Start-ups are often not entirely sure what they should be looking for or seeking out when it comes to getting their first office. You will need to think about the best location for setting up the office and well as a whole host of other details.
The decisions you make when it comes to a start-up office can ultimately make or break the business and have some serious implications on the profitability of the company if the wrong office space is chosen. In a similar way, it can also affect the productivity of your staff.

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Before looking at actual properties, there are a few things you need to consider. In this guide, we are going to be looking at what you should be looking for when choosing an office if you are a start-up.


What Is the Nature and Culture of Your Business?

When looking into getting an office space for your start out, you should first think about the nature and culture of the business you run. The type of office you should look at getting is dependent on the nature of the work you will be carrying out and the number of employees you will have working there.

For example, if you run a manufacturing business, the space you choose should be able to comfortably accommodate any machinery, equipment and places to store stock. You also need areas dedicated to the staff for breaks. If you do not consider these things, you can end up with a cluttered workspace which can massively reduce productivity.

In terms of culture, you should aim to find somewhere which motivates your staff to work harder and does not compromise comfort and convenience.


Choose the Right Location

Facebook’s Office in Central London

Many clients prefer companies which can provide physical locations where they can meet those they are going to work with. If you are a client based company working in a city, a central location may be best for your particular startup.

You also need to take into consideration the needs of your staff, you do not want to set up an office in an area which will be a hassle to get to for your staff. Consider traffic and the state of the roads around the area you are considering. In addition to this, you will want to keep your staff and clients safe so you may want to look at locations which have security in place.


Space and Layout

The way the office is laid out will determine if all the equipment and furniture will fit and be able to work efficiently. Check things like the lighting and whether it has air conditioning for the summer months.

If you intend to have clients come to your office, you should look for a space which has a reception area. You will also need facilities to have meetings and conferences in.

You should also consider things like parking spaces and other things like having a kitchen which is kitted out or storage.


Value for Money

Most start-ups are looking to save money where possible and offices can be a big expense. However, the goal of many property owners is to get as much money as possible from their investments in terms of rent charges.

To avoid being overcharged, you should evaluate the pricing of each space you look at to determine if you are getting the best value for money. Sometimes contracts will have hidden charges which you may miss if you scan over the rent agreement. Always take your time to read over the lease agreement and never sign it in a hurry.

Furthermore, if the move is not going to make you more money and you may be making a loss long-term, you should question if it is necessary at all.