What To Be Aware About When Naming Your Tech Startup

Chief Technology Officer

Starting a business in tech by yourself is a challenging, yet exciting journey. If you have the sense for it, and you are ready to work for your dream, then it might be your call to kick-start your tech empire. There are many steps to take before you reach the finish line, and one of them is naming your company.


Be new and unique

An important fact to consider is to be unique in the sense that your name should not be familiar with another company’s name, finding names and domains that are not already in use can be very difficult, which is why many are using business name generators to acquire one.

You can find a great name for your startup company here, to begin the brainstorming process, and to find the perfect name. Here you’ll find a so-called name generator, which can help you name suggestions – and the great thing about tools like this is that they’re free!

Additionally, they will only show you names that are available for use, which is equally important to check out before deciding on a name.  


Stand out from the crowd

Within one industry there are thousands of companies that are all fighting for their time in the spotlight. This also applies to the tech industry, which is why a unique name is so special. The name and logo will often be what the consumer is first noticing, and if it does not stand out to them, they might not consider testing it out or giving it a chance.

A rule of thumb is that you have the consumer’s attention for only a couple of seconds, and the first impression is key. You also need a good business plan and a strategy to hold on to your customers. These are all steps to start any business

Think smarter, not harder 

Finding the perfect business name can undoubtedly be difficult, but a good rule is to think simple and not over-complicate it. When you think about it, some of the greatest company names there are today are quite random and don’t really correlate with what they’re selling.

For example, two of the biggest computer tech companies today are called Apple and Windows! It can look as though the founders were both sitting in their kitchen looking at random stuff around them. Finding a good name is important, but the way you develop and market your brand will also have a huge impact on sales and future growth. 


Do your research 

There are several reasons why naming your company carefully from the beginning is important when starting your own business. While a name should be easy to understand, read and remember, other facts play a big role as well.

First of all, you need to make sure that you will not run into any copyright issues. Your company also needs a website, so check if there is a suitable and reliable domain ready. Also, do your research on the name, to be completely certain that your name does not translate to something inappropriate. 

These are some of the things you need to think about when naming your tech startup. Remember to use the tools available, and to spend some time looking.