Why Sleep Is More Important Than Ever In 2022

2022 brings some new and some old challenges, but as always getting a good amount of sleep every night will help keep you productive throughout the New Year. As some places around Europe enforce lockdowns again and we continue to work from home for the foreseeable future, it is natural that some people may struggle to switch their brain off and get to sleep at the end of the night.

There is a strong connection between stress and feeling other negative emotions and lack of sleep, getting sleep can make you feel healthier, happier and more productive throughout the day. As we go into our third year of this pandemic, 2022 will bring its own challenges but having a good sleep routine can make sure that you get all of your new years resolutions done for once!

Moreover, if you unfortunately contract coronavirus, scientists have shown a strong connection between a good immune system and a healthy pattern of sleep. Therefore, in 2022 it is extremely important to get sleep and a good amount of it.

According to scientists, adults need 7 hours or more of sleep every night to make sure that their body has enough time to recover from the previous day. Less sleep than this can cause some detriment to your health and wellbeing.

Therefore TechRound has written this guide which shows you some of the ways in which you can make sure you are getting enough sleep each night!

Use Good Bedding

Good bedding is a understated but important part of getting a good nights sleep. Making sure that your duvet, sheets, pillows and more are new, improved and perfect for you can mean that you sleep sounder than ever before. Having lightweight duvets, allowing you to feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer will make sure that throughout the year you stay in a great sleep routine. Treat yourself for example to Hungarian goose down duvets and pillows and perhaps even a new mattress, so that you can sleep truly comfortably this year, and the next and the one after.

Limit Stressors Before Bed

Limiting stressors before bed such as work, relationships and more can make sure that you go to sleep quicker and more easily. If you are thinking about all the things you need to do and are stressing about in life before you sleep then you may struggle to feel asleep, no matter how comfortable your bedding is.

Therefore it is important to limit things that make you worry before bed whether that be work or relationships or anything else. Not looking at your phone for a while before bed can also be a great way to allow your brain to relax before you finally put your head to your pillow.

Exercise And Go Outside

Going outside, especially as people are continuing to work from home is a great way to make sure that you can sleep better. Exercising and going outdoors makes our bodies naturally more tired allowing us to sleep better. When we are pent up in our homes all day sleeping can become more difficult, getting fresh air into our lungs can be a great way to make sure that you are sleeping better in 2022.

Establish A Good Routine

Routine is vital to getting good sleep in 2022. In a year where our routines might get thrown out the window again and again, establishing a perfected sleep routine will help you sleep better and feel more energised throughout 2022. Whether it is listening to soothing music before bed, or reading the next chapter of your book, having a set routine before you sleep will allow you to feel rested and comfortable in bed before your next day.