Why Your Business Needs to Start a Podcast in 2022

Give old content a new lease of life by repurposing it into fresh formats, utilising the power of podcasts. Instead of letting an article or video sit on your website with little to no traffic, use the information to create an exciting podcast that reaches a brand new audience. With 55% of businesses saying they were working on internet video projects over the last couple of years, staying on top of the trends and adapting to your surroundings will ensure you can maintain your position in the market.

Maximise audience engagement:

When it comes to the power of podcasts, keep your listeners interested as they hear what you have to say, avoiding external distractions once they press play on your content. Studies have shown that audiences are more likely to take action from podcasts in comparison to written content, increasing your success rate as a business.

Establish your position as a leader:

Stand out from your competitors with the addition of a podcast, becoming a go to source for information among your audience. A study of over 1,000 respondents resulted in 33% showing increased interest in eLearning content, so get your name out there by giving your audience what they are looking for. Whether you create short and snappy podcasts on current events, or record long form podcasts which go in depth on specialist topics, positioning yourself as an authority figure will help you build a leading reputation.



Build up personal connections:

Utilise the power of voice by getting your employees involved. By showing your human side, not only are you displaying your specialist knowledge, but you are building trust as your listeners get to know your team. Your audience is muchly more likely to retain knowledge from your podcast than a written article, keeping your business name in mind for future reference.

Drive people to your website:

By experimenting with new platforms, reach a new audience who are likely to search for your main form of contact when looking to convert. As you mention your product or service offering, let your listeners know where they can find you and build up your website traffic, opening up new opportunities as you grab the attention of your new audience. A study by Voices, the world’s #1 Creative Services Marketplace, concluded that “Two of the biggest changes we’ve seen are the shift to digital projects and the continued increase in voice technology.” By combining your traditional methods with the recent power of podcast, jump on the trend and keep up with the needs of the modern consumer.