13. Wrisk


Company: Wrisk

Founder(s): Niall Barton

Website: https://www.wrisk.co/

Description: Wrisk is redesigning the customer insurance experience, partnering with major brands to help them launch bespoke regulated insurance solutions.



Founded in 2015, Wrisk is aiming to better the customer insurance experience, which in the words of founder Niall Barton is still very much an outdated process.

Wrisk describe themselves as built for customers and trusted by businesses – working with well-known automotive brands like RAC, BMW and Mini to deliver new, more intuitive insurance solutions.

Wrisk is pushing for change, aiming to merge the traditional five insurance policies into one plan, and doing away with the need to fill out questionnaire after questionnaire answering the same questions. Wrisk also allows you to change your policy instantly throughout the year, removing the cumbersome once a year insurance sign up process. 

In an upcoming partnership with RAC, Wrisk will offer a revolutionary car insurance option, giving customers the ability to pay on a Pay by Mile subscription.

Based in London, Wrisk is a team of 12, backed by some big names believing in the startup’s vision to change the industry. Wrisk feels that the seamless nature of their app can help bring insurance to a generation that has seen rates of adoption dropping. 

With its tech of UX designers and Tech Engineers, Wrisk is well-placed to push insurance in the Retail, Banking and Automotive industries ahead, with game-changing digital products.   

So far, Wrisk has raised a total funding amount of £12 million from 10 private investors