18. Setoo

Company: Setoo

Founder(s): Noam Shapira and Eyal Gluska

Website: https://setoo.com/

Description: Setoo offers an SaaS platform enabling e-businesses to create protection products.




Setoo’s cutting edge platform leverages AI and machine learning to give personalised experiences and real-time pricing to customers, all while remaining compliant with the latest directives and regulations. 

This award-winning start-up was founded in 2017 by Eyal Gluska and Noam Shapira, and is headquartered in London with offices in Paris and Tel Aviv. Setoo’s main aim is to help e-businesses cultivate and distribute personalised insurance and protection products. They define themselves as “totally transforming the way Insurance works”.

As part of their services they are able to help e-businesses’ marketers create and launch insurance products faster than ever before.

One of the most interesting aspects of Setoo is its ability to assist with the adverse events we all face while on the move. Setoo aims to develop insurance products to protect customers from things like lost luggage, concert cancellations, missed connections or trip cancellations.

One of the latest e-businesses to work with Setoo is a travel insurance company based in Israel. Setoo has created new targeted protection for the travel insurance company booking customers on Ski Holidays. The Ski Protection Guarantee is offered to any customer booking a ski trip. The customer is alerted 3 days before the trip if their vacation is put at risk by bad weather, and they are able to quickly and easily request a refund or apply the amount to a new holiday package. This seamlessly works to generate automatic compensation for the customer, without them ever having to file any claim.

Setoo aims to disrupt the Insurance market with its technology, helping consumers enjoy a well-protected customer journey in a new digital era.

Setoo is partnered with Kamet and AXA, and has secured a total funding of $9.4 million (£6.8 million).