23. Percayso Inform

Company: Percayso Inform

Founder: Simon James

Website: https://www.percayso-inform.com/

About Percayso Inform

It has been nearly 10 years since the first wave of credit bureau led data enrichment swept across the insurance industry and much has changed in that time. Most insurers have reaped the benefits of a keener understanding of their prospective policyholders to influence their pricing. As a result they have seen a decrease in claims, a reduction in fraud and an increase in better quality business through the door.

So far so good, but in the highly competitive and price sensitive market of insurance, any advantage gained is soon noticed, copied and then eroded as the playing field is levelled. Most insurers are actively using enrichment techniques to enhance their pricing with the result that none can now sustain a clear advantage.

The status quo is about to change.

Percayso Inform is set to disrupt the data enrichment sector once again with what we call ‘next generation insurance intelligence’.

Our mission is to deliver this to enlightened insurers and brokers to create a significant pricing advantage. This will increase customer loyalty, reduce claims, booking better business – more often and with significantly improved loss ratios.

Each member of the Percayso Inform management team has been hand-picked based on their deep data, analytics and technical expertise alongside an unrivalled knowledge of the insurance data enrichment market.

Percayso Inform’s insurance intelligence goes beyond traditional data enrichment by providing unique solutions at all stages of the insurance lifecycle. We deliver unrivalled uplift for both insurers and brokers, creating a powerful competitive advantage.

Our modular solution is comprised of three integrated propositions, starting with the Percayso Enrich data hub. Our comprehensive partner network is growing rapidly with public, private and consented data, including powerful private credit bureau data.

Enrich places an intelligent caching layer in front of each data partner and all can be accessed via one simple API call and at aggregator volumes.

Enrich can be used on its own to deliver raw data for local processing or it can feed your private Percayso Inform platform to summarise and interpret the enrichment data. Inform can merge private bureau data from multiple sources, extracting up to twice the power of a single source and unleashing game-changing insights.

Our Deploy module puts the power in your hands to make changes to your capstone strategies, realise a single customer view and integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

Our propositions represent a substantial step forward for insurance businesses looking to improve service and retention levels, reduce claims and increase portfolio size and profitability.


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