28. Hiro

Company: Hiro

Founder(s): Krystian Zajac and Dan Knight

Website: https://gethiro.com/

Description: Hiro is “insurance for smart people”, rewarding users with a fairer price for using smart tech to make their homes safer and more secure.




Insurtech startup Hiro recognised very early on that traditional home insurance profited by locking you into lengthy contracts, and doing nothing for you until the damage is already done.

So, in the spirit of creating a product that made the interests of its customers a priority rather than an afterthought, Hiro works with its users to actively mitigate the kind of damage that results in costly claims and arduous admin.

Hiro insurance can be started and cancelled at any time, with no cancellation fees, no admin fees and no nonsense. The platform leverages smart technology to protect your property, while rewarding you for taking care of the things that matter.

Hiro’s co-founder Krystian Zajac said in an interview with TechRound that:

“We live in a world where we can summon food or transport from the internet with a couple of swipes on a smartphone. We can order everything online and get it delivered the same day. We get instant mobile notifications when we spend money. We get instant recommendations for films or music that we like. Instant everything – it’s what we’re used to. And yet dealing with insurers feels like pulling teeth.”

“When, in 2018, I sold my equity in Neos to one of the largest European insurers, I felt the industry had finally woken up and all these massive technological changes were just around the corner. And then a year went by. And then another. And nothing changed!”

“So, a few months ago, I decided that it’s time to roll up my sleeves again and start another business in this space.”

Hiro’s ambition is to be the most technologically-advanced insurer in the world. 2021 will see significant investment in development of their tech stack, pricing algorithms, apps, bots, ML and other intellectual property, as well as marketing firepower.

So far, Hiro have raised a total funding amount of £1.8 million in an equity crowdfunding round, announced this January.