50. Ctrlio

Company: Ctrlio

Founder(s): Dominic Strowbridge and Laurence John

Website: https://www.ctrlio.com/

Description: Ctrlio helps digital customers get the best-priced policies in real-time, using machine learning and data science. 




Ctrlio is a London-based startup tipped to blaze a trail in intention marketing this year. 

Ctrlio crunches the numbers on insurer data to help businesses see the clearest way to price for profitable growth. In such a competitive market, insurers are always looking for an edge, and Ctrlio is able to use cutting edge machine-learning systems to gather data sets that were thought to once be unobtainable.

Ctrlio is currently focused on the motor insurance industry, as the market is full of customers’ data, yet ripe for solutions. The startup is adaptive and can work towards helping insurers collaborate and coordinate their pricing campaigns to deliver a pricing edge.

In other verticals, they are currently suggested by Money Supermarket as an efficient and quick tool to analyse your telephone usage. Once your data has been analysed, Ctrlio will start to suggest deals based on how you use your phone.   

Working with the customer’s data to negotiate directly with brands, Ctrlio can bring private discounts to the customer’s screen that can’t be found on any other platform. At its heart, Ctrlio is focused on helping insurers to win customers’ new business as efficiently as possible, all while managing their risk portfolio in real-time.

Ctrolio has a focus on what’s symbiotically working well for the insurer, the digital platform and the customer.