6. Laka

Company: Laka

Founder: Tobias Taupitz

Website: https://laka.co/gb

About Laka

Laka is a team that looks out for each other. Our collective cover is made especially for cyclists, for life on and off your bike.

What it means to be backed by Laka:

  • Insurance Flipped: We won’t charge you a fixed sum. Instead, we calculate your monthly contributions – up to a max capped amount – based on the collective’s claims.
  • The 80/20 rule: 80% of your money goes straight back into the collective: fixing, replacing, helping, whatever. And the other 20% keeps our wheels spinning.
  • Pack mentality: Being part of Laka means committing to look after yourself and your stuff for the sake of the group. Think team first.
  • Got your back: When shit does hit the fan, we’ve got you. Claims are handled by experts and usually agreed within a day. With no depreciation or excess.
  • Never tied down: We’re over annual contracts tying you down. And we’re sure you are too. So if you want to leave, you can anytime.

Laka’s 5-star claims service is an experience so good, you’ll actually want to claim – we’ve been voted ‘Best Cycle Insurance Provider’ for 5 years running.

What We Offer

    • Bicycle Insurance: With Laka you’ll always ride with quality and cost-effective bicycle insurance. So whether it’s a pothole that buckled your wheel, some knob that nicked your bike, or an airline that’s lost your gear – Team Laka will get you back in the saddle.
    • Health & Recovery Insurance: We want to look after our collective on and off their bike. So this is accident and injury insurance, and then some. It includes access to specialist advice and treatments from world-class cycling experts to help you get back in the saddle stronger than ever.
    • Laka Club: Providing you with cycle accident liability insurance, cycling legal cover and great cycling discounts. All for just £1.50 month with no contract. Pause or cancel anytime.
    • Commercial Insurance: We’re Laka, and we’ve created collective insurance. It’s transparent, fair and generally rad. Unlike old-fashioned insurers (yawn) who can be reluctant to eat into their profits, we’re a pack of optimists and are motivated to settle your claims. Refreshing, right?



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