8. Tapoly

Company: Tapoly

Founder: Janthana Kaenprakhamroy

Website: https://www.tapoly.com

About Tapoly

Since founding Insurtech Tapoly, one of the first on-demand insurance platforms in Europe, in 2016, co-founder Janthana Kaenprakhamroy has diligently grown the business into an award-winning, industry-recognised digital MGA and SaaS provider. Through innovation and unwavering dedication, Tapoly has become established as a go-to insurance and technology provider.

Using the latest technologies Tapoly creates a seamless customer experience specifically designed for gig economy workers, freelancers and SMEs. A typical customer can select and purchase the cover(s) they need, when they need them, in less than 60 seconds with our quote-and-buy system. Big data and AI are embedded throughout the process, ensuring an accurate, easy, fast and reliable customer journey. Our products also include an insurance-specific chatbot to answer frequently asked questions and signpost customer queries, speeding up the customer journey and helping make our covers cheaper.

Tapoly is championing a previously under-represented group of customers – freelancers and micro businesses – and finally giving them access to the fairly-priced insurance products they deserve. Prior to Tapoly, insurance brokers simply weren’t set up to provide the products this market needed. At the same time, freelancers and micro businesses weren’t able to access affordable insurance that accommodated their specific needs and way of working.

Our innovative approach brought the two together, creating a unique platform that uses specific small business data and AI to match insurance brokers’ products against customers’ unique needs. This way brokers get access to new markets and customers get a fair price, assessed on their individual merits. Customers also get additional cost savings from using an automated platform.

We are also unique as we use specific small business data and AI-driven pricing to ensure every customer is assessed on their individual merit. This means our prices are fair and accurate, taking into account the fact that freelancers typically have unique professions. We pass these resulting cost savings from increased automation onto customers.

Similarly, as a SaaS provider to insurers/distribution partners, we assist others in better serving the gig economy market through using technology and building an alternative wholesale ecosystem, contributing to an industry-wide improvement in serving this rapidly growing market.



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