Company: SO-SURE

Founder(s): Dylan Bourguignon

Website: https://wearesosure.com/

Description: SO-SURE provides insurance for customers with faster claims and money-back services available.




SO-SURE is helping to make insurance social.

With SO-SURE, users can set up cover and connect with family and friends via an app. As a user, each of your app connections that also take out an insurance policy helps your reward pot to grow. If you and your connections haven’t made a claim by the end of the year, you’ll earn some of your money back.

SO-SURE has recently partnered with Wakam to co-create an innovative content insurance offering in the UK. This will be delivered via an app, and will allow consumers to build their contents inventory simply by snapping pictures that capture everything to be covered. The offering is set to become an intuitive and seamless way to get content insurance cover.  

The referral offer is a great way to capitalise on savvy brits who are always trying to fund themselves proactively while bringing back insurance to the fundamentals of how it originally started.

 Founder and CEO Dylan Bourguignon, who is a trailblazer in the Insurtech world says “Our approach is simple. We are building the insurance experience around customers, not products.”

SO-SURE has achieved a total funding amount of $8.7 million through 4 investors. Extremely well-placed within the Insurtech industry, the future is looking bright for SO-SURE and its insurance consumers.