Anne Onwusowulu – Founder of House of Purple Rose


“International Women’s Day represents strong women, and what we are capable of. It defines equality, and I adore that on this day we see all of the achievements and successes women are doing!”

“My message this IWD is that women can accomplish anything! I am very grateful to be a woman and to have a strong community of females around me. There’s no limit to what we can achieve, especially when we work together! ‘Queens fix each other’s crowns”

“I used to work in the IT world, which was and still can be a very male dominated environment. I would say that you should definitely stay on top of things, and make sure you constantly expand your skills and knowledge.”




“Due to me being the only female in my team I ensured I continuously developed myself, enhanced my skills and stayed knowledgeable / savvy, so make sure you’re affirmative and stay true to yourself. I’d also recommend keeping your emotions in check.”

“Try and separate your emotions from work, as you’re there to do a job, and are doing amazing at it! Make sure you know your job inside out, so males can’t in a way take advantage of you and make you feel uncomfortable.”

“When young people graduate and join a new company I would definitely ask your Management / HR about their mentoring scheme or someone in your sector to see if you can be mentored by them. Research and look into online communities i.e. women in business, and don’t be afraid to ask them for support, advice or tips!”

“Just take that leap and message stating you like what they’re doing and if there are any opportunities. Networking is super important too! Join specific social medias like Clubhouse and find yourself someone you’d like to mentor with. Approach people and get in a conversation with them. You never know, they might even offer you some work shadowing or work experience!”