Georgina Lord – Managing Director at Zen Internet


“More progress is being made each year to forge a gender-equal society, and a gender-equal tech industry too and now is a good time to take stock to make sure these efforts continue in the right vein. The last 12 months have been challenging for many in different ways, but I still see International Women’s Day as a time to reflect and celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality.”

“As a company, Zen is always looking at ways that we can encourage women to consider a career in technology and help level the playing field; like many other industries, we need to ensure that women are better represented in our industry. Whilst personally, after almost 16 years in the world of tech and, almost 16 months at Zen Internet, I have never let my gender hold me back, despite being a minority in the industry, I know that it can feel like a barrier to others.”

“The ‘People First’ culture I have found at Zen has always been extremely important to me and a large part of my leadership style involves encouraging diversity throughout our business and attracting, supporting and nurturing female talent. Take our Women in Tech group, which aims to address the number of women in technical and leadership roles throughout the business, for instance. In order to make this a reality, we recently launched a first women-only development programme – Step Into Tech – which aims to help women develop technical and transferrable business skills and inspire others into taking that step into a career in technology.”

“Whilst we shouldn’t need an International Women’s Day, for us, it’s an important opportunity to recognise the resilience and fantastic efforts women within our company (and beyond) contribute to the industry and wider society.”