Jacqueline White – President of the Americas at Temenos

Website: https://www.temenos.com/

“To me, International Women’s Day means that we are collectively recognising the benefit and power that women offer.”

“My advice is to believe in yourself and your right to a seat at the table. Every organisation is better when we have diversity, including diversity of gender. This day brings that reality to life, as we remind ourselves that women are half the population – we bring a huge amount of creativity and passion and knowledge. It reminds us that we shouldn’t doubt ourselves. And it’s a celebration of how far we have come, and inspiration on the work we need to do.”

“This is why I’m so passionate about women supporting women. When we hear women’s voices, we know that we are not alone in this journey. We can do this through networking groups like the Women in Technology group, or alumni associations, but this isn’t just down to the individual.”

“Companies need to provide a path to mentorship and sponsorship in order to give their women employees the best chance to shine. When we mentor, advocate and support each other, we not only lift each other up, but we enable each other to learn from our experiences – how to live with harmony between work and home, not to be so hard on ourselves and feel like we must have it all figured out, and that we do deserve a seat at the table.”