Jenna Ryan – CEO & Cofounder of Uqora


“International Women’s Day is an opportunity to rally behind female-led initiatives — whether that’s a female-founded business, women’s rights progress or just giving appreciation to the women in your everyday life.”

“Working in the femtech space, I am fortunate to enjoy this energy every day. The femtech space is a uniquely collaborative environment, so many founders I meet in the space are open to sharing learnings and insights, which sets a really great tone. There’s a definite “we’re all in this together” mentality that fosters success, and there’s no doubt that the collaborative spirit shared among femtech founders is helping to grow the industry, quickly. That’s super energizing because women’s health, and femtech as an industry, hasn’t always gotten the attention it deserves.”




“It takes a lot of innovation, funding, research, and, most importantly, passion to continue to raise the bar on women’s health. Femtech founders are a rising tide that lifts all boats—all the work we’re doing collectively makes a huge difference in raising the bar on women’s health.”

“If you are starting your own business, my greatest piece of advice is don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek advice from someone you admire, especially in the femtech space. You may be surprised how much people are open, willing, and excited to share!”