Marina Shepelsky – CEO and Founder of Shepelsky Law Group


“International Women’s day is a celebration of women everywhere. Women are moms and wives and daughters, but they also run restaurants, businesses, hospitals and corporations at the same time. Women are always working!”

“In my profession, there are many more female attorneys now in practice than when I got my bar in 2002. Women are running their own law practices more frequently, gaining respect and independence as professionals.”

“I don’t believe in competition; we are all different and unique. We need to only compete with ourselves. Ask yourself, how can I do better and be a better version of who I am? Women should stick together more and build communities. In a male dominated industry, don’t try to “compete” with men by doing what THEY do. Embrace your femininity. It’s okay to show kindness and a woman’s resourcefulness in the work place. It’s okay to ask for help in order to work best on a team. Women lead differently and work differently. Do YOUR THING in the best possible way, and the results will help you be a better professional.”

“My advice for young women is as follows: failure is natural for everyone. Embrace your mistakes. Even those who are supremely successful have likely faced many failures in their time. Also, dream big: we now have a female Vice President, a female President may be next! Show girls these examples. From female CEOs to female astronauts, there is no limit to how great a woman can inspire to be and will become nowadays.”


Shepelsky Law Group


“Advice for those building their professional life: Make a detailed business plan, get help, get automated, find a mentor and talk them weekly. Set short- and long-term goals; check in with them monthly. Figure out your ideal client (age, demographics, location, interests) and target that sector of people with personalised content on all kinds of social media. Post every day, and make it personal through videos and blogging. Don’t be cookie-cutter; talk to your audience, connect with people. Get your tribe behind you – your friends, your parents and siblings, your community. Have accountability, but don’t be afraid to fail, because it will happen anyway!”

“These are hard times for women, whether they are working from home or in the office. Kids need more attention than ever, as socialising is limited. Be strong, improvise, and remember how powerful your identity as a woman makes you.”