Renate Schreiber – Global Director Marine Asset Integrity at Fugro


“International Women’s Day is an annual reminder of the brilliant progress women have made throughout the world, but more importantly of the work still left to do to achieve gender equality across our society. As a woman in a leadership position in my organisation, Fugro, I see IWD as an opportunity to collectively raise this important topic and make commitments for moving forward faster in the right direction.”




“To make meaningful change, and challenge the systems and behaviours that have existed for centuries, we need to address diversity and inclusion on every level. We therefore need a personal commitment from the decision-makers at the top: those who decide on hiring talent, on career progression and on budgets.”

“Change comes from fostering a culture of inclusiveness, where the goals around gender equality and wider diversity are openly communicated and open to suggestions. But it is imperative to start at the top for inclusivity to be successfully integrated across an organisation.”

“The process of growing a balanced workforce takes years: it is a long-haul commitment and a goal for which everyone, everywhere must constantly strive. We must all be willing to do the hard work, and do what’s right, even when it’s not easy.”

“When starting out in your career, it may seem like a daunting path ahead but it can help to identify a coach or mentor in your organisation who can ensure you are not alone in this challenge, and who can help keep diversity and inclusion on the management’s agenda.”

“So, on International Women’s Day this year, I will once again be thinking of my own personal responsibility to further progress diversity and inclusion across Fugro’s leadership team, not just for myself and the other women in our business but, more widely, to also be at the forefront of this vital change.”