Sunny Kooner – Co-owner of Jatt Life Vodka


“If there is one piece of advice I’d like to share on International Women’s Day it’s this – that you should never wait for “the right time” to do what you want to do, because the right time is always now.”

“I know this, having launched a new drinks business at the very worst time – the start of the coronavirus outbreak and just a matter of days before the country’s pubs, bars and restaurants (our Number One market) had to close their doors.”

“Yet despite this, one year on and although their doors are still closed, our business, an ultra-luxury vodka called Jatt Life, is booming. New flavours are coming out, international distribution is taking place and a growing list of celebrity influencers are coming on board to endorse our brand.”




“It’s exciting, but none of it would have happened if I hadn’t got the determination and belief to press ahead, or if I’d believed that all of my efforts were going to be powerless in the face of the inevitable. Or, in, fact, that I thought for one second that if I failed, I would have nothing to show for it.”

“These are the things I think about when I think of International Women’s Day, which to me is the day we celebrate the achievements of all women, especially those who set themselves a goal or took a decision to do something that everyone else said couldn’t be done.”

“Those are the women I want my four young daughters to grow up to be. The ones whose hard work in their business, or in their parenting, or in their jobs or community, lead them to achievements that inspire, motivate and liberate those around them.”

“The same women who are proud of who they are, who don’t try to fit in or be someone they are not, and who use their own voice to bring change and make an impact. Those whose actions help all of us, especially those who may their talents and abilities and are uncertain about the choices that they make. And so, if, like my vodka, I was to distil the spirit of International Women’s Day, what would it consist of?”

“It would be one part pride mixed with two parts respect, a hint of admiration and a twist of gratitude, raised in a toast to women who inspire us to believe in ourselves, and remind us all of what we’re capable of.”