5 Things To Think About When Wanting To Get Started in Property

It’s been an interesting 2020/2021 to say the least, but with all the uncertainty, some of us have been wondering what to do with our savings, especially with bank interest rates declining (Bank of England base rate at 0.1%, July 2021).

There are many ways to make and invest money, with property being a popular vehicle by many, due to the good returns and financial stability that can be achieved.

Property investment used to be viewed as something that ‘the rich’ do, as they sit on their yachts, but as more of us understand that you don’t always need a lot of money to get started, it’s easy to wonder what is needed to ‘get started’.

Here are the top 5 things to think about, when wanting to get started:

Have your end goal in mind

What do you want to achieve with property? Is it short to mid-term cashflow or something to build your retirement pot? Or an asset to pass down to your children? By knowing what you want to achieve, this gives you a guide as to what to work towards. Also, if your goals are based on short-term cash-flow, then your strategy is likely to be different from someone who wants an inheritance asset for example.

Property Strategies

Once you know your purpose, it’s important to look at the strategy that’s going to get you there. Buy-to-Let is the most well-known investment strategy as it’s the perfect choice for those looking for long-term portfolios. But what about short-term? Well, that’s what rent-to-rent, rent-to-serviced accommodation, flips, etc are for. Research and educate yourself on the different strategies by consulting a property investment guide.

Power team

Property isn’t something that can be done alone. You’ll need a good mortgage broker and solicitor whom you trust, builders, electricians, plumbers, DIY experts – do I need to go on?! Your power team are going to make the investment process run smoother, so it’s best to work with locally recommended companies.


This is very important, especially if you want property investment to be a part-time gig. If you don’t have time to be chasing agents or builders, then it’s a good idea to joint venture with someone. And once the property is yours, it’s always good to have a reputable managing agent to look after it – unless you want to be dealing with tenant queries on a Sunday evening. There are also people you can work with; who find and bring you properties that are most suitable to your chosen strategy. These people will have the knowledge and expertise that you can tap into.


If you already have substantial savings, then great! But you may want to recycle your money and use an interest-only mortgage option. This is why working with an informed broker you trust, is very important.

Written by Melissa Lewis, Founder at ML Property Venture

Melissa Lewis