A Chat with Adam Maurer, COO at European Software Development Company: Connecting Software

Connecting Software is a European software development company that provides technical solutions for businesses. The main focus of Connecting Software is the integration between software, solving little challenges companies might face. The solutions we create are for filling those gaps to overcome those challenges.

On the technical level, those tools are targeting developers and IT administrators, as they are the end-users of our solutions. However, the benefits of our solutions can be recognized from the true end-user all the way to the CEO.

The biggest difference between us and our competitors is our care for risk management and cost reduction for our clients while maintaining a high-level of support and flexibility in terms of security, deployment flexibility, and backward and forward compatibility.
About us - Connecting Software

What’s the story behind the foundation of Connecting Software?

The company was founded by our CEO, Thomas Berndorfer. He seized his previous success as an entrepreneur in Europe to self-finance Connecting Software. It all started with an integration platform called Connect Bridge; we wanted to make it easier for developers to create integrations, rather than spending too much time in learning APIs or programming languages they’re not familiar with.

So why not take care of those API translations ourselves and allow the developers to work in a single language? With this kickstart, we chose SQL syntax as the one and only language a developer needs to know when operating with Connect Bridge. This middleware can translate just about any programming language within the last 40 years into SQL, so developers do not need to know the target language between the APIs.


How has Connecting Software evolved during the pandemic?

Shutdown periods were quite challenging, but we’re trying to be more flexible in terms of home office and remote work. However, the company had a profitable and positive growth.

We’re in a luxury position from the economic perspective, as much of our business comes from the public sector. To put it simple, those entities have a need and we’re like the “vaccine” that will prevent them from facing specific challenges. If anything, the pandemic put other projects that those entities were working on hold and gave them the time to discover us and implement our solutions.

What can we hope to see from Connecting Software in the future?

As much as we would love to work on new topics, our current base of products is solid. Our goal at this very moment is trying to get our core products to a point that satisfies every one of our customers’ needs and wishes by adding additional features and functionalities based on customer feedback.

Our worldwide recognition is steadily increasing, having regular contacts with larger entities and governmental agencies. Our solutions are very beneficial to the respective companies, but it’s also important to know that our brand and products are reaching the right people across the globe.