A Chat with Adam Zoucha, EMEA MD at Accounting Automation Software: FloQast

FloQast automates common accounting workflows, helping both to streamline and make them more efficient. The company offers a suite of easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy solutions and tools that enhance the way accounting teams already work, so they can do so more efficiently and effectively.

Our products are designed specifically to improve communication and efficiency, automate highly manual and time-consuming processes, and connect the many accounting functions responsible for the month-end close. Clients include Revolut, Hopin, Motor Fuel Group, Zoom, and many more.

Today, we have over 300 employees and offices in LA, New York, Ohio, and London. Since arriving in the UK in June 2021, our EMEA team has already outgrown its allocated office space with headcount growing by 400% and its EMEA client base increasing by 200%. We’re confident the business will continue to grow on a similar trajectory in the coming year.
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Why was FloQast established?

Together, the founders of FloQast, Michael Whitmire and Chris Sluty (who are former accountants) and Cullen Zandstra (a former engineer), embarked on a journey to streamline the labor-intensive and outdated processes both Michael and Chris had experienced first-hand during their time working in finance teams.

In 2013, they launched FloQast with a clear vision – to build a product that could achieve accounting operational excellence. Something they had wished was available when they were working long hours each month to close the books.

It is this accountancy DNA that FloQast prides itself on and the fact that our suite of products has been developed with actual knowledge of the accounting process. To prove this, 100% of sales engineers and implementation experts are former auditors and accountants, and over 70% of customer-facing staff have experience in accounting.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

FloQast was able to evolve quickly during the early days of the pandemic as businesses around the world were forced to move to a remote-first environment.

The company has since shifted its working practices significantly, with the engineering department being fully remote and all other departments having a choice of fully remote or operating a hybrid work pattern. To facilitate these shifts, we have invested significantly in our remote working capabilities, with workflow tools for the whole company.

The company has worked exceptionally hard to remain integrated during the pandemic, with over 100 different virtual social events being offered per quarter. We have encouraged family members of all ages to get involved with our events, as well as pets! It’s the little things that have continued to encourage teamwork and collaboration when faced with the remote working situation.

What can we hope to see from FloQast in the future?

The most exciting aspects of FloQast are yet to come, and I always lean towards our product and continued effort to invest in our customer focus as the company continues to grow at a rapid pace.

There have been several major product releases over the last year, and this is a trend that is here to stay as we continue to expand. Likewise, we are continually adding new resources for our current client base to enjoy, such as a community forum that enables users to collaborate on new ideas and everyday finance needs.

The FloQast product suite is rapidly expanding to be the go-to workflow automation solution for all of finance. We have historically focused solely on the financial close and have built the most user-friendly and easiest-to-deploy solution on the market to continue to tackle that problem. We continually hear from our clients that FloQast is the best workflow solution for accounting/finance, and we’d like to use it for more than just accounting.

Current clients have been using the workflows for the FP&A team and the control/compliance teams, so we’ve just recently released FloQast Ops to focus more directly on these operational workflows for the entire finance function. The continued automation and efficiency in these increased areas continue to receive great feedback from our customers.