A Chat With Aki Tsuchiya, Co-Founder and CEO at Audience Analytics Platform: Streamhub

Aki Tsuchiya
Streamhub is a London tech startup providing video analytics and audience data management through its collaborative data platform that links media companies, agencies and tech platforms. 

We provide a unified data platform for video and CTV measurement, by bringing together any type of viewing data and other 1st party data held by customers to create meaningful reports and build actionable segments. Our customers typically action their data across their range of streaming services be it AVOD, SVOD, LIVE or TVOD where we are getting increased interest for our RPD and HbbTV offering. 

We are now the most widely used video analytics platform in Japan and our mission is to galvanise the online video ecosystem to establish a healthy and transparent CTV marketplace.


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How did you come up with the idea for the company?


I’ve always worked in media, having started at MTV and later joined the Skype founders to build the world’s first legitimate online TV platform in 2006. Throughout this time data was at the heart of the operations but we were forced to use Google Analytics or Adobe which did nothing close to what was needed. To run an ad-funded or subscriber-focused video business it was imperative to have a data platform that would address all three pillars of audience, content and commercial data.

Around 2012 I started mulling on the above idea of creating a “Google analytics for video businesses” but incorporating aspects of Bloomberg’s ability to see across entire markets and transact. This was then materialised with the founding team in 2015. 

We have evolved since but the concept remains intact: it’s about first-party data, it’s about growing the bottom-line for video businesses and it has the ability to link together data across the players to create a larger industry data pool (with consent!).



How has the company evolved during the pandemic?


It was a tough change for everyone but fortunately being a relatively small team we adapted to remote working and stayed coordinated. We focused on improving our agile development cycles but also introduced flexible timetables for the team. 

In terms of business, it was an uncertain period for new opportunities. TV markets saw big drops in ad revenues and many of our customers had to drive innovation and investment into their online streaming platforms as the only area of future growth. This combined with a large jump in video consumption put us in a fortunate position to have on-boarded new customers and see growth in spite of the overall economic climate. 


What can we hope to see from Streamhub in the future?


Big picture, we want to play a part in building the next generation CTV marketplace around the world. We believe that data exists to ultimately improve any experience whether for the audience, the advertiser or the media platforms.This data needs to be reliable, transparent and accessible in order to establish the basis of a healthy market. 

We see our partnership with Kantar and VideoResearch as a key step to support the media industry’s data evolution. As one of the few UK tech startups running in this highly competitive data space, we certainly want to establish as much success at home.