Meet Alec Miloslavsky, Founder and CEO at Cloud-Native Digital Insurance Platform: EIS

With the risk, consumption, and technology landscapes changing structurally, insurers need to pick up the pace of their digital transformation. To succeed they must deliver new customer and distribution propositions, an improved employee experience, and an agile and resilient operating model.

However, many insurers find their transformation plans thwarted by legacy technologies that put insurmountable challenges in the way of their responding to this new and constantly changing environment.

With openness, agility, and flexibility at its core, EIS’ cloud-native digital insurance platform has been specifically engineered to remove every obstacle and give insurers the freedom to both pursue and achieve their most important strategic goals.

Digital Insurance Platform | EIS Insurance Software

How did you come up with the idea for the company? 

To achieve their revenue generation, automation and customer retention goals, insurers could iterate on their current core technology but this risks greater complexity and scaling issues that will likely require the complete re-engineering of their systems in the next 3-5 years.

EIS’ pioneering Coretech platform enables true insurance ecosystem business models. Uniquely built around the customer our modern cloud-native architecture, coupled with our insurance-ready administration capabilities, ensures Insurers can deliver experiences comparable to the giants of the Internet.

We’ve achieved this by leveraging the same technologies, processes and practices as the most successful online companies operating today. The result is a platform and ecosystem built around customer-centricity that’s characterised by core elements mastered by the likes of Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix.

  • With over 12,000 APIs, the flexibility and integrative ability of our Coretech platform is unmatched.
  • Leveraging the immense scalability of cloud-nativity, we ensure there are no bottlenecks regardless of load.
  • Our microservices-enabled ecosystem ensure insurers can evolve their system on the fly without interrupting service or having to centralise all of the changes through the IT department.
  • Our UX specialists have created an intuitive customer experience for both internal and external users that is personalised, flexible and easily customisable by region and individual.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Over the last couple of years, we’ve continued to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Having embraced the cloud early, we’ve moved beyond the rest of the market to create an API-rich, cloud-native Coretech platform that can be tailored to the exacting needs of our clients.

The result is an elastic event driven architecture that can expand and contract on demand, while offering the massive scale needed by our biggest clients

What can we hope to see from EIS in the future?

In our business time is of the essence. Time to deploy. Time to upgrade. Time to change. We are now focused on compressing that time to as close to zero as possible.

That means relentlessly pushing new technologies into the marketplace and automating as much as possible. Our drive is to set insurers free so they can focus on what’s important…the customer.

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