A Chat with Andy Hawkins, Regional Director at Observability Tool: Honeycomb.io

Andy Hawkins

Honeycomb provides observability for engineering teams so they can quickly understand what their code does in the hands of real users in unpredictable and highly complex cloud environments.

Today’s modern cloud environments enable businesses to deliver superior customer experiences through digital channels; however, the cloud-native and distributed systems supporting them introduce painful complexity and unpredictability.

Traditionally, IT teams used legacy application performance management (APM) solutions to manage the exponential volumes of data generated by these systems, as well as address performance issues users may experience — but they often fall short because they were built for simpler applications in simpler, more predictable environments.
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What are the opportunities Honeycomb sees in Europe?

This latest round of capital will allow Honeycomb to launch several initiatives that will help accelerate the growth opportunities we see in Europe. First, we will invest in increasing the awareness of observability practices in the European market to further grow Honeycomb’s European customer base. We also plan to hire and build a new European team to provide support to both existing and new customers across the globe.

We also see engineering community growth in Europe as an opportunity. We plan to further invest in community events in the region to drive awareness, training, and help our customers integrate observability into their modern software development practices.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Before the pandemic, many businesses were already starting to transform their technology infrastructure so they could more effectively deliver new and improved customer experiences while expediting critical business processes. From banks and retailers to manufacturers, businesses across all industries were in search of new digital strategies to improve customer interactions to drive revenue.

This shift to digital required a change in the way technology systems are managed and created a need for a solution like Honeycomb which identifies and diagnoses systems-level constraints to optimise customer experiences at the application layer.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend of transforming to a digital strategy accelerated. Honeycomb experienced even stronger demand for our solution, which led us to triple the number of enterprise customers like HelloFresh and Booking Holdings, whose businesses surged as they saw increased demand for their services. HelloFresh, for example, has seen a surge in demand for their meal delivery kits and recipes as more people opted to cook at home due to lockdowns.

What can we hope to see from Honeycomb in the future?

The pandemic showed us (and continues to show us) that more companies will continue to employ a digital-first strategy, which means that the volume of data generated from various sources will only increase.

To support our customers in their journey to deliver more reliable services, we will continue to build upon the benefits of observability that can be realised by all engineering teams including the ability to debug issues faster and to truly understand how their code operates in the real world in the hands of everyday users.