A Chat with Anshika Arora, Founder at South Asian Wedding Planning App: Eternity UK

Founded in February 2022, Eternity UK is the UK’s first South Asian wedding planning mobile app & website, encompassing a one-stop-shop for couples planning their “big fat Asian wedding”: in a digital, efficient, and convenient way. The traditional Asian wedding is commonly known for its 7-day long affairs, 500+ guest lists and a never-ending list of expenses. They can be extremely fun, but equally as stressful to plan: the Eternity UK app is guaranteed to reduce that stress.

Our mobile app is the ultimate go-to for couples, with ample amounts of tools to help them better understand the intricacies of their wedding, manage their varying budgets, and organise their guest lists down to a tee; accessible anytime & anywhere. In addition, we help couples source suppliers wherever they are; ranging from the grandeur decorators, down to the minute table seating details. Our platform allows the Asian wedding industry to come together and make wedding planning enjoyable.

Our ambition is to unite couples & wedding suppliers, by providing a platform with choices. The choice to be sustainable, the choice to support small businesses, and the choice to assist local business growth.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The established £5 billion UK South Asian wedding industry has little-to-none exposure to the digital planning mobile app & website space, in contrast to the UK caucasian market where market leaders such as Hitched & BrideBook exist. I saw this gap when planning a close family wedding. It became increasingly apparent that the majority of the upcoming brides & grooms over the next 5-10 years will have a growing demand for a similar platform in our industry.

We’re unique by bringing an already successful model – one with digital wedding planning portals, e-invites & wedding directories – to a market with vast amounts of potential. By making everything accessible in the palm of your hands, we stand out amongst the crowd and have the capabilities to provide a modern, unparalleled, and seamless organising experience to a newly engaged couple.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

By leveraging off of the extensive abilities of technology in the modern day, we have been continuously improving our User Interface & User Experience to suit our target’s demographic’s information consumption habits as they plan their wedding. We thrive to be an extensive & intricate planning app for our couples, as well as a valuable marketing & advertising platform for our suppliers.

Since starting on this journey & within our first four months of client launch, the company has grown organically to work with 150+ suppliers and 300+ brides & grooms, demonstrating the double-edged demand within the industry.

What can we hope to see from Eternity UK in the future?

With the great capabilities that the digital space provides, you can be sure to see more UI & UX iterations, in-depth wedding planning features, talented nationwide suppliers & much more, as we grow to be the go-to household name for South Asian couples planning their wedding.

By tackling the social media space further, we hope that you see more of us as you scroll through your platforms.


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