A Chat with Anthony DiMarsico, CEO at Banxe: The World’s First Platform Uniting Crypto and Cash

Banxe is the next-generation financial platform, uniting traditional and digital finances. Fully licensed, secure, and branch-free, Banxe gives people the freedom to pay, receive, invest, trade, and exchange with both cash and crypto – unlocking their financial potential, by empowering anyone to use crypto as simply and conveniently as cash. In short, it’s one convenient and reliable place to manage cash and crypto.
Professional licensed exchange with friendly interface and transparent fees

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

After researching different apps and exchanges, we were surprised to learn that there are no solutions for simple crypto adoption. We questioned why there is there no simple way to use crypto as easily and conveniently as cash, in one single platform.

It was discouraging to use dozens of apps to get the user-friendly experience, effortless payments, best market rates, fees, trading pairs, etc. We realised that there isn’t a way to use crypto with traditional money to simplify daily life and that’s when the concept of Banxe was created.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

We offer remote work opportunities, providing our employees the benefit of safely working from the comfort of their homes, which has resulted in attracting new talent and additions to Banxe. In the past few years more people have discovered crypto and last year, we observed a bear market.

This has presented us with the chance to prove our concept and improve our product. Our launch is focused on more people becoming involved in the crypto world and are looking for a better, simpler, and more transparent solution.

What can we hope to see from Banxe in the future?

This year we plan to issue our debit card, which will allow our customers to pay with crypto in a grocery store, restaurant, or coffee shop as well as introducing our mobile app and decentralised wallet.

We will also launch our B2B solution. These new additions will be complemented by 100% transparent low fees, a security-first approach, outstanding new features, customer-oriented support, and a friendly community. Together, we’ll strive to speed up crypto adoption and offer a single point of access for all crypto and cash-related transactions.