A Chat with Bas de Haas, CEO & Founder at Music E-Learning Platform: Chordify

Chordify is a music e-learning platform that can automatically turn any song into chords- even the most obscure ones! The way we utilize AI enables Chordify to recognize chords from audio signals, be it from YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud or even a private collection, and deliver chords with impressive accuracy.

We let AI do the work, so that you can focus on playing your music on guitar, piano or ukulele. At a very fundamental level, we understand that playing music is meant to be a relaxing experience, even therapeutic, but never a stressful one. Through Chordify, we’re just putting that into practice.
Instant chords for any song - Chordify

What do you think makes Chordify unique?

The best part about Chordify is that anyone from novice players to trained musicians would find the platform thoroughly engaging and enjoyable. What makes this possible is the cutting-edge technology we employ to provide the user with the chords to any song they wish to play, thanks to the algorithm we’ve built- one that’s capable of both chord recognition and beat tracking.

Now, how did we do that? Long story short, we fed it with thousands of songs as references, and now it’s self-sufficient to figure out the chords to any song you’d like. Let me put it this way- it’s a marriage between machine learning and music.

On other platforms, users are dependent on someone else to figure out the chords for them, and there’s no guarantee that they would always get chords to the songs they want or that the chords are even right. With Chordify, users can literally play along with any song- no matter if it’s a hot track trending on charts right now or something very niche. You upload an audio file and voilà, you have your chords ready! Our algorithm never sleeps.

What makes us stand out is the delightful experience we bring to our users through a combination of ingenious technology and unique features. By making chords reliable and accessible to everyone, Chordify takes away the trouble of finding chords, leaving the users with just the fun and fulfilling part of playing music.


How has the company evolved over the past couple of years?

From what started many years ago as the pursuit of a group of friends (and ex-band members) to put scientific findings on chord recognition into something workable, we have come a long way. I keep going back to that time at the Eurosonic festival in 2013 when the world heard of Chordify for the first time!

Our growth has been fast and organic since. We have millions of people from everywhere jamming along with us, making us want to create new possibilities in the world of music everyday, just like how we developed Gituru, our digital guitar teacher, and Karang, the multi-string tuner. We have also grown as a team, with representation from over twelve nationalities, all of us working together to bring the best out of our collective passion for music.

What can we hope to see from Chordify in the future?

It would be wonderful to see Chordify continue to grow as an ever-expanding community of music lovers from all walks of life and from every part of the world.

To make it happen, international expansion is a key focus area at the moment. No matter what we create in the future, at the heart of everything we do at Chordify will be the drive to encourage and enable people to connect with themselves and others through music.