A Chat with Ben McGuire, CEO at Mirus Aircraft Seating

Founded in 2015, Mirus Aircraft Seating has grown rapidly to become a leading aircraft seating OEM, with operations in the UK, Malaysia and China.

We believe form, function, innovation, excellence, and the best possible passenger experience are all mutual cornerstones of success when putting pen to paper on a new design and delivering to our airline customers.

Along with our proven record of delivering large and small-scale OEM’s and airline retrofit programs to some of the biggest names in the industry; including Airbus, TUI Group and AirAsia, we are committed to bringing the highest quality seating and unparalleled levels of service to our customers.

In today’s world of cabin densification and us all seeking more space and privacy, we are paving the way in improving the lives of the 95% of passengers who fly in this ever-constricting section of the aircraft, by giving them increased levels of comfort and space.

Our Hawk seat incorporates unique patented technologies and best practices learned from next-generation R&D programs. Lightweight, slimline and cost effective, the Hawk is designed to enhance passenger experience and lower the total cost of ownership. The Hawk is a modular platform that can be tailored for almost any economy class requirement.

The Kestrel blends unequalled levels of passenger living space and comfort in an ultra-lightweight, fixed back economy seat; boasting a 28-inch pitch while weighing in at just 7.5 kilograms fully dressed, while incorporating the signature Mirus design philosophy of finesse and style to enhance the appearance of the cabin.

With a wide range of trim and finish customisation available, Kestrel has been designed specifically for short to medium range fleets and to withstand the rigorous demands from ultra-low cost to premium carriers and optimises the lifetime cost of ownership through an innovative patent-pending design that reduces weight, and part count, whilst maximizing robustness and maintainability.
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How did you come up with the idea for Mirus, and what do you think makes this company unique?

Following a sustained and successful career in the automotive industry, I sought a new challenge. My background in auto engineering allowed me to adapt all the best practices and learnings from the automotive sector, and apply this to the aerospace manufacturing sector.

What makes Mirus unique is the strong interpersonal relationships we forge with our clients that go beyond the manufacturing stage, to provide long-lasting aftercare and trust. We provide unparalleled customer attention and also have the most generous and transparent warranty policy available on the market.


How has Mirus evolved over the last couple of years?

Though the pandemic made the last couple of years a hugely challenging time for the entire aviation industry, it gave us time to understand and reflect on what we had achieved since our inception in 2015. We reviewed our processes and used that understanding to improve on operational aspects, to ensure that when air travel returned, we were 100% ready to service our customers to our best ability.

The additional time to review and plan allowed us to redefine our growth strategy, and with the support of our shareholders, begin our expansion as a global company. The first tangible aspect of this growth is our dynamic test facility. As part of this, we’re seeking to fill a number of new roles within the business, across engineering and project management.

What can we hope to see from Mirus in the future?

In addition to continued innovation, new product launches, and robust LRP, our new test facility marks a key milestone in Mirus’ growth trajectory. The brand-new 407m² facility, which will be an extension to our current 2,500m² head office site, will feature the latest in aircraft testing technology and have the largest capacity currently in the market. We expect the facility to be in high demand by other companies in the aviation and automotive sectors.

This will improve our capabilities right across the business, by reducing programme lead times, increasing our technical knowledge, and strengthening our overall market presence. Not only this, it is a clear statement of our intent to all of our existing customers and the OEMS – including Boeing and Airbus – showing our level of investment in the company and proving we are a serious industry contender.