A Chat with Brad Wilson, CEO and Founder at Blockchain Corporation: NuPay Technologies

Brad Wilson,

PRISM is an NFT marketplace which celebrates all things NFTs. The platform was launched earlier this year by NuPay Technologies, and was created to empower both artists and collectors.

We designed the platform to incorporate easy to use functions which allow for a fully accessible user experience. The development of PRISM stemmed from our desire to create a technologically innovative platform which addresses issues within the NFT, blockchain, and cryptocurrency community.

Creation of PRISM, along with our soon-to-be released Helo™ Blockchain and $HELO cryptocurrency, allows us to use these technologies sustainably.
PRISM Marketplace, your gateway for premium NFTs

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Coming from a background in credit card processing and merchant services, working with ‘more traditional’ financial institutions, I’ve grown continuously excited about the future of the financial industry. When I started selling credit card machines, 90% of the world still used cash, and now that’s flipped to cards. We could see the trends coming. I think we will see a similar shift with cryptocurrencies taking over in the next 10 to 20 years.

As a society, we’ve moved from brick & mortar companies to digital ones – and sustainable digital payment options are a necessity. NuPay stemmed from creating and developing innovative and eco-friendly blockchain-based products to advance the future of payments. I founded the company, alongside a specialized team in 2020, to meet the ever changing demands of business and technology. We have always seen a future in digital assets, and want to promote use of this in a conscious way.

As the world is shifting more and more towards creating digital experiences, such as the Metaverse, a strong need for digital and virtual developers, innovators and leaders is created – be it in the realm of crypto, NFTs, or other blockchain divisions. The trick is to accomplish crossing over into a ‘tech-first’ world without compromising sustainability in the real-world.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

PRISM is still relatively new, and the time spent creating and finalizing the platform was inspired during the pandemic.

We saw the impact that physical storefronts were facing, and we wanted to combine the cutting edge technology of NFTs with a simple user experience to create the gallery collection experience virtually. Being separated physically only heightened the need for these technologies and compelled us to create better and greener technologies.

Having to isolate and connect via online platforms/channels only inspired us to make the PRISM platform as inviting as possible, so as to create a unique space where NFT enthusiasts can feel welcomed. We had to pay careful attention to how we implement our technology to convey a feeling of belonging among our users.

What can we hope to see from PRISM in the future?

We are in the process of finalizing our Helo™ Blockchain which will be released shortly. PRISM will work using our blockchain technology as well as a new cryptocurrency called $HELO, which will power the blockchain. Our focus will be on launching this as effectively and as smoothly as possible. We also have plans to make this even greener and more efficient.

The technology industry is known for developing rapidly, and the NFT, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency industries are no exception. We’d like to continue being leaders in this field to create accessible and sustainable technologies.