A Chat with Brett Norton, CEO at Disruptive Travel Start-up: Ultimate Travel Club

Brett Norton

Launching September 2021, Ultimate Travel Club is an exciting new start up that aims to disrupt the travel sector for the better.  By charging a monthly subscription, it will cut out the commission and hidden charges, guaranteeing the best possible prices reducing travel booking anxiety. Giving access to an amazing range of hotels, holiday rentals, flights, car hire, cruises and raft of leisure options. Including restaurants, theme parks, golf, cinema and theatres. All at the very best possible price.

This brand-new innovative approach not only ensures consumers are always guaranteed to get the best rates, but they will also be able to book the widest range of dates, fares, rooms and locations available. Ultimate Travel Club is entirely independent and able to offer genuine choice in the UK and worldwide. Their private members status means subscribers get access to commission-free prices not available on public facing portals. All backed by an industry-leading price guarantee, ATOL protection and Covid 19 insurance cover.

Ultimate Travel Club is the brainchild of a team of industry experts, who saw the opportunity to help travel come back in a smarter way following the challenges of the pandemic. The team at Ultimate Travel club know that consumers are savvy to the benefits of subscription-based services therefore their vision is to create a growing community of like-minded travellers who have the confidence to explore more because they are always paying less. Ultimately encouraging more travellers back into the hard-hit hospitality sector. Supporting the travel and leisure sector in the UK and worldwide. 

Providing the reassurance of ATOL protected travelUltimate Travel Club is not a travel agent. It’s a membership scheme, founded by industry experts who are passionate about building a shared ethos around travel.  Where travel works better for all. More value for travellers, creating more opportunities to travel, whilst offsetting the environmental impact. The club will help fund environmentally positive projects through a partnership with Ecologi, a pioneering carbon offsetting company.

We spoke to CEO Brett Norton to hear more about the company…


Ultimate Travel Club - a Travel crowdfunding project in London by Ultimate  Travel Club


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Ultimate Travel Club is a Travel and Leisure Club that offers its members commission-free travel and substantial discounts on their leisure spend. It is the first ever monthly subscription service of its kind to cut out hidden charges that cause the dreaded ‘deal anxiety’ which we know so many people experience when booking a holiday and days out.
The idea came from looking at the way people prefer to spend their money these days, we know that there is a whole generation of consumers who buy on subscription.

Entertainment subscriptions with the likes of Spotify, Apple, Netflix and grocery subscriptions with the likes of Hello Fresh and Amazon Prime, so why can you not buy travel and leisure experiences using the same business model? We know consumers want convenience, choice, best value and service and they want it all at their fingertips without the constant deal searching and without costing the earth. Ultimate Travel Club offers this solution.

We provide the choice of a travel agent without the mark-ups and without the restricted availability of existing travel clubs. We aren’t just another special offers site, Ultimate Travel Club gives access to a wide range of hotels, holiday rentals, flights, car hire, cruises and a raft of leisure options including discounts at restaurants, theme parks, golf courses, cinemas and theatres.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The company was born as a result of what we saw during the pandemic and the changing world of travel. We know the travel industry has had an extremely tough year and we want to help it recover to make travel more accessible to everyone. After the year that everyone has had, we want to start exploring and re-discovering travel again at home and abroad.

Travel is likely to be more expensive with less choice in the short term and there is a huge pent-up demand for people wanting to escape and explore. We want to support the travel industry, get people travelling again and essentially bring back travel, better. Members of Ultimate Travel Club will have access to up to 40% discount at 900,000 hotels.

We are currently offering the chance to become a founding member of Ultimate Travel Club by joining the 500 Club which includes a number of additional benefits.

What can we hope to see from Ultimate Travel Club in the future?

We can’t wait to launch Ultimate Travel Club to the public in September. We are an exciting new start up and we aim to disrupt the travel sector for the better by offering a new alternative to the existing booking model. Our new innovative approach will ensure consumers are always guaranteed to get the best rates and be able to book the widest range of dates, fares, rooms and locations available.

We are proud to be supporting the environment by helping fund environmentally positive projects through a partnership with Ecologi, a pioneering carbon offsetting company.