A Chat with Calin Drimbau, Co-Founder and CEO at Generative AI Knowledge Platform: broadn

broadn is a platform that allows business professionals efficient access to expert knowledge in their field.

The best ideas, tools, and insights are scattered online, hidden inside conversations on podcasts and YouTube, or concealed inside lengthy books.

Search engines today still respond with documents that include the information asked for, not with actual answers to our questions. It’s as if you asked a doctor for advice and received a list of articles to read instead of a straight answer.

We’re using AI to redefine how we access and use knowledge everyday. For example, we provide unprecedented access to expert knowledge via AI avatars trained on published works of authors and creators.


What do you think makes your company unique?

Direct access to experts is limited, and getting access to their ideas is challenging. You currently need to sift through books, interviews, and videos.

The new wave of generative AI technology enables us to go above and beyond these limitations and replicate human intelligence into AI models – effectively enabling access to experts worldwide. For example, an AI model trained on the published works of an expert can answer questions as if it was a real person.

We’re the first company to work with authors to create ‘second brains’ for them and design a completely new interface for learning. Our goal is to use AI to build a knowledge companion that can assist business professionals in making better decisions by giving them a tool that can unlock the world’s knowledge.


How has the company evolved since you started the business?

We’ve been around for less than a year but are moving extremely fast, incorporating new technology advancements in our product offering. We started by curating podcast content and packaging it in a way that allows users to quickly get to the most valuable moments in conversations on topics they care about.

With our recent innovation, we’ve extended our offering with ‘synthetic knowledge’ creating lectures, masterclasses, and podcast-style interviews with AI models trained on real-world experts. In addition, we’re now making this interactive – enabling our users to ask experts of their choice questions directly.

Our early adopters have been entrepreneurs and people from the tech community. Still, we see our solution as relevant to a broad audience as virtually the whole world consumes knowledge either in their professional environment or for personal development.

What can we hope to see from broadn in the future?

There are a lot of exciting developments on our roadmap. In addition, we’re keen to refine the quality of our output by investing in optimizing our language processing algorithms.

Human intelligence is evolving from ‘what you know’ to ‘how quickly can you learn.’ Ultimately, the way we find and use knowledge will be extended well beyond search to truly unlock knowledge and take humanity to its next step in evolution. It’s time we get machines to better serve us in pushing the boundaries of human potential.