A Chat with Caroline Chalmer, CEO and Founder at Global Fine Jewellery Platform: Finematter

Caroline Chalmers

Finematter is a global fine jewellery platform, building a new vision for the jewellery industry and connecting over 60 of the finest independent makers with a new sustainably-minded online audience: a roster which has tripled since our launch in December 2020.

We provide a permanent record of materiality and provenance, which will accompany a piece forever, while also giving collectors complete confidence to invest in pieces that will be fully traceable and last a lifetime using Finematter’s care services.

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What do you think makes this company unique?

We intend to create the first fully circular fine jewellery platform offering consumer jewellery services in one place. These include buying, renewing, remodelling and reselling fine jewellery, all anchored around a blockchain-based digital certification. The certificate provides clients with fully traceable resale opportunities while protecting the original jewellers with the potential for royalties on every resale.

We believe in a future where artists and makers are rewarded for their work and creativity, not just the first time a piece is sold but each time it is monetised. Royalties have been part of the music industry for decades; it’s also starting to happen in art, so why not in jewellery?

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Finematter has evolved from an online marketplace to a platform for everything fine jewellery. We now issue each jewellery sale with a digital certificate; the certificate lists the provenance, name of the jeweller, metal and gemstones involved: the first step toward tech-enabled certification and blockchain possibilities. Through technology, transparency and vision, I believe we can create a paradigm shift and make jewellery the first truly circular consumer category.

As the Founder, I am proud to say that Finematter now has a team of 12, with experienced hires from Depop, JustEat, Amazon, Missoma, Bloom & Wild and Treatwell. We’re also backed by some of Europe’s most eminent tech investors (Redrice Ventures, Heartcore Capital). In 2020, we closed a pre-seed round of €1.3m and have now opened our seed round of investment (only 2.5% of VC funding goes towards female-founded companies). Our long-term vision is to take Finematter to the US market.

What can we hope to see from Finematter in the future?

By the end of this year, we hope to produce digital certificates for all our jeweller’s products, not just those sold through Finematter, as a white-label solution. Our jewellers recognise the opportunity to offer their clients a permanent record of provenance, materiality and ownership, to avoid fraud and replicas, and to earn royalties in the secondary market, which excites and inspires them. Our aim for early 2023 is to roll out a secondary market where customers can remodel, resell or recycle pieces.

All pieces passing through Finematter will be appraised, authenticated and issued with a digital certificate hosted on a blockchain of our making – ensuring full transparency and traceability to build long-term trust. With this will come functionality for jewellers to receive royalties on resale purchases the first time it is resold and then each resale ongoing – allowing them to monetise their creative IP.


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