A Chat with Charley Portet, Head of Strategy at Next-Generation Gaming Platform: Fruitlab


Fruitlab is a next-generation gaming platform that provides content creators, gamers, and developers with a fairer way to earn and monetise content. The platform is underpinned by our own Ethereum token, the PIP, enabling gamers to earn by playing, streaming, and engaging with their favourite titles.

We started out with our own content and social media platform in 2018 and have grown exponentially ever since – blockbuster games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG are connected to the platform and can be played while earning, with more games to be added very soon.


What is the drive behind Fruitlab?

There has been a drastic growth of the gaming industry in the last decade or so. We have seen the rise of content creators who realise that people don’t necessarily have to be playing games to be entertained – many of us enjoy watching others play and being part of a community.

It’s a bit like watching your favourite sports player, except you develop a more personal connection with them. However, we took issue with the fact that these changes in the industry did not apply in the same way to the streaming platforms themselves.

In fact, most platforms take 95%+ of the economic value created and most of the time, it is only those with the biggest followings that can make a living from creating content. We are changing that – making it fairer, more inclusive, and fun for gamers all at the same time.


What advice would you give to other aspiring founders?

If you have a solution to a problem that you are passionate about – then go for it, create the company and the product and don’t be afraid of failure along the way.

It is a long and tough journey to build something successful, so being devoted to what you are doing is non-negotiable. That will ultimately determine how much you put in – and get out of it.

What is Fruitlab working on and what can we hope to see in the future?

Currently, the Fruitlab platform has 100,000 monthly active users, 2 million video uploads, 1.5 billion views and over 5 billion PIP transactions to date. And these numbers are only growing. At the heart of what we want to create is building a community of like-minded creators, players, and viewers.

This often comes from those lesser-known gamers who play and watch titles that don’t feature in the headlines. We want to attract gamers and viewers who will get the most from what we offer. We’re keen to keep adding new titles to our platform to build our community and empower creators to earn in a fair way.