A Chat with Charlotte Dean, Founder at HR Service Provider: P3 People Management

P3 provides outsourced HR support for businesses with up to 200 employees. We support businesses from a range of industries, including IT, Technology, Finance, Property, Healthcare, Warehouse, Logistics and Manufacturing.

I started P3 because I wanted to use my HR skills and experience to help smaller businesses, without their own in-house HR team, to see how important it is to take good care of their people. We really believe in showing businesses that uncomplicated but effective and efficient people management will enhance their success, improve their overall business performance and help them to grow.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Prior to starting P3, I worked in various HR roles within larger organisations in retail, manufacturing, leisure and professional services. I loved the learning opportunities, the exposure and the connections this gave me and I always loved being part of a team so I never set out to start my own business.

The real drive to go out on my own was when I was responsible for a number of business units across the north of England. Whilst they were all part of the larger organisation (the ‘mother ship’) they were independent units, with their own challenges and opportunities, and I loved working with those smaller teams of up to 150 staff rather than 5,000. I realised that I preferred to work with smaller, more agile businesses where you can really influence change and see the results quickly.

I also felt that it was the smaller businesses who suffered the most when things went wrong. They often don’t have the power or money that larger businesses have to deal with legal challenges. I have always believed that you can avoid such trouble by doing things right the first time and I wanted to work with small businesses to help them do just that.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Some of our clients were impacted significantly during the pandemic and others much less so. However, they all relied on us to keep them informed when the pandemic hit and the situation, with regards to the workplace, was changing daily.

Remote working, homeworking, flexible working, employee wellbeing and mental health, employee engagement, sickness absence, furlough and homeschooling were all huge challenges and impacted every workplace and every employee differently. Our role was to make sure our clients were looking after their people and were remaining compliant with the ever-changing rules and regulations.

All of this has inevitably led to us making changes of our own. Before the pandemic, we were working with a lot of clients on-site, face to face, and we utilised a team of associate HR consultants to help us carry out some of this work.

As the pandemic took hold and looked increasingly unlikely to disappear, I took the decision to expand our team of in-house consultants so that we had the knowledge, experience, and capacity in house to provide the support that our clients urgently needed through this challenging time.

I am really proud that we have now grown to a team of six and I feel much more confident of our future and our ability to maintain a high-quality service as a result.

What can we hope to see from P3 People Management in the future?

The last year has been a bumpy ride for many of our clients as they have faced a wide range of challenges across many different industries, so we have had to remain focused and keep up with all the changes in order to support them.

We continue to provide our high-quality HR services and expand our client base with more businesses who aspire to improve the performance, engagement and retention of their people.

The pandemic has caused many businesses to take a long hard look at themselves and how they operate, including how they prioritise the health and wellbeing of their employees when setting out their people strategy. The impact of the pandemic will be long-lasting and we are continuing to develop our services to meet these ever-changing business needs as we look to the future.