A Chat with Chris Davis, CTO at Filmio: A Blockchain-Based Film Project Platform

Film.io is a decentralized entertainment ecosystem that is democratizing the filmmaking and TV industries using DeFi and other blockchain technology. We empower fans with more influence in the creative process, creators with key access to resources, and investors with more meaningful data.

Film.io’s vision is the transformation of today’s “Hollywood system” onto the blockchain, where fans, by participating before movies are made, have a voice in rating, reviewing and green-lighting the future of entertainment. The result is a new and important metric that pre-validates the potential for a project’s success for creators, studios, networks and investors, and a new era of filmmaking where key decisions are made based upon transparency and fairness.
Filmio Empowers Creators and Fans With Blockchain Technology. | TechBullion

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Actually, our Executive Chairman came up with the idea for a platform that would disintermediate industry gatekeepers and promote peer-to-peer transactions between fans, creators and investors after a late-night discussion (and many glasses of wine) with some filmmaker friends who’d become completely disillusioned with the exclusive nature of the Hollywood system.

When he brought the idea to the team, we immediately saw the potential for an industry-disrupting idea to liberate creators by empowering fans. It was hard but rewarding work, and over time, we sculpted his vision to arrive at the Filmio we see today — Hollywood on the blockchain.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

Recent events have profoundly reminded us of the instability of traditional global financial markets. The pandemic rocked the stock market, essentially initiating a freefall-then-rally playbook for a week or two, before beginning to restabilize. This is not the first time financial markets have taken an enormous hit as a result of national or global events. The value of any market, and the value of the money in that market, is always dependent on factors that are completely out of the control of investors. This has made Filmio’s democratization solution even more relevant.

One of the great evolutions of the company that’s come out of the pandemic (in addition to intensifying the need for our solution) was the rise of DeFil and NFTs. Both of these strategies can add to frontloading the funding of aspiring film ventures.

What can we hope to see from Filmio in the future?

We’ll be at the Tribeca Film Festival in June talking about the hazards and triumphs of the creative journey — from film inception to audience reception — with some pretty amazing content creators. As well as the Buffalo International Film Festival in October. Hope to see everyone there!