A Chat with Chris Zaknun, CEO at Incubation, Fundraising and Acceleration platform: DAO Maker

DAO Maker is the leading incubation, fundraising and acceleration platform with a vast network of successful projects launched.  Our clients benefit from our experience and expertise, while users of the platform enjoy attractive Venture Yield rewards and participate in regular Strong Holder Offerings. It boasts a Community of Strong Holders that engages across the whole DAO Maker Ecosystem.

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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

DAO Maker is a participant in the crowdfunding market, an addressable market of $25.8 billion by 2027.

DAO Maker’s business model is unique from typical crowdfunding platforms as it provides the most innovative infrastructure for anyone to participate in tokenized public sale at the earliest stage possible while ensuring transparency and the best value accrual.

DAO Maker was founded in late-2018 by a team of experts in token economy, business strategy, and software development to provide professional support to blockchain projects with high technical competency but lacks expertise in building a sustainable token model.



How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?


From early-2019 to mid-2020, following the foundation of DAO Maker, the cryptocurrency industry experienced a period of significant decline, historically known as the Crypto Winter. The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies decreased by over 85%, while token funding declined by more than 90%. When most blockchain consulting companies were stagnant, DAO Maker was growing steadily. Demand and interest in DAO Maker’s services had boomed, particularly since mid-2019, which was otherwise one of the driest periods in the cryptocurrency market.

During this period, DAO Maker incubated several crypto startups that are hundred-million-dollar networks today, including Elrond Network, Harmony, ECOMI, and LTO Network.

Since mid-2020, DAO Maker has grown exponentially by diversifying its product and service offerings

to clients of all types. With our proprietary enterprise application software, Social Mining, DAO Maker successfully revived NEM’s fragmented global community that unified 250,000+ members while tripled its market capitalization since May. Our solution suite, composed of governance tech, data-supported funding, institutional onchain products, and a comprehensive range of consulting services serves 150K+ community members, supports 60+ projects, and has raised 100M+ USD for our clients.

In February 2021, $DAO token was launched and enabled users to participate in “Strong holder offerings” (SHO). Since then, over 100 projects have successfully launched on the DAO Pad with over 150M+ USD in total value shared. DAO Maker introduced its Venture Yield system in Q3 2021 which requires users to stake their token in order to participate in SHOs while earning up to 32% on their stake. Over 45M $DAO tokens are locked for an average of 612 days.

Lastly, DAO Maker also brought an entirely new innovation which is the public SHO. Everybody with more than 2500 USD worth of tokens on any EVM chain is now able to participate in Public SHOs without the need to stake any DAO tokens. This drastically increased the number of signups and active users on DAO Maker. The recent Public SHO Step.app had more than 15000 registered users and an overall connected value of over $1 billion.


What can we hope to see from DAO Maker in the future?


DAO Maker aims to become a multi-investments platform by providing an additional compliance layer to the private sales market. All types of asset and risk classes will be provided, fully compliant and scalable to provide Venture Capital Investment opportunities to the masses.

The Platform once finalized will offer users access to Synthetic Stocks, Early-stage equity, Early-stage tokens, Late-stage tokens as well as access to DEFI applications, and tokenized bonds.


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