A Chat with Christian Müller, CFO at Spend Management Solution Company: Moss

Moss is a spend management solution that tracks all company spend in one place and enables businesses to spend smarter. Whether spend is made on corporate cards, invoice payments, or employee reimbursements – all of the ways in which a business can make payments – it’s tracked in real time, in one place, and integrates automatically with the accounting software.

Many companies face the business-critical issue of cash flow. This includes access to the right funds that they need to grow, and visibility on their liquidity. Finance leaders are tasked with forecasting for the business to ensure profitability, but their findings can only be as good as the data they use to calculate.

By gaining a centralised view on spend and automating a lot of tedious manual processes around chasing receipts, inputting cost centres, etc. finance teams can spend less time sorting through spreadsheets or trying to connect various tracking apps that don’t sync, and more time on tasks that add actual value.

What this means for finance leaders is that they can trust the data that their teams are using to budget and forecast correctly and feel confident as the strategic partner to the CEO when making decisions that drive business value.

Moss is headquartered in Berlin in 2019 and is now live in 3 markets having expanded into the Netherlands in late 2021, and most recently in the UK in summer 2022. The company has over 400 employees across 7 countries and was founded by Ante Spittler, Anton Rummel, Ferdinand Meyer and Stephan Haslebacher.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

The idea behind Moss came after identifying clear challenges for SMEs when it comes to cash flow, both in having the means to spend and also visibility of what is being spent and where. As mentioned above, cash flow can be business-critical for SMEs, and a lot of businesses are not able to access the credit they need to grow.

When it came to tracking spend, there wasn’t a product on the market that was tailored to the needs of small businesses and there was a reliance on a lot of manual bookkeeping. Moss was built to address these challenges and provide businesses with the tools they need to spend smarter, and with greater visibility.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Moss started as a corporate card solution providing debit and then credit cards to businesses, helping them to address their cash flow and visibility challenges. Moss has now morphed into a flexible set of tools underpinned by an intelligent platform that brings all spend – not just cards but also invoices and out of pocket expenses made by employees – into a single dashboard to give businesses full spend oversight.

Moss’ credit offering is the biggest differentiator vs. the market, with other players in the market providing either purely debit or prepaid corporate cards that don’t fully address the needs of the business. Moss is also built for finance leaders as well as their teams, not just the end user making the out-of-pocket expense. The unique insights that Moss provides on spend across the whole company’s outgoings and user-friendly interface is what sets us apart in the market.

What can we hope to see from Moss in the future?

Moss will continue with our mission to help businesses to spend smarter and gain control over their cash flow through greater spend visibility.

In the near future, we recognise the anxiety in the market around the cost-of-living crisis and economic downturn, and the greater pressure on finance leaders to steer their business through challenging times. We feel that businesses can benefit from our solution now more than ever, so we’ll continue to support businesses through these challenging times.

Looking longer term, we will build on our customer feedback and insight to continue creating a best-in-class product to help businesses across Europe.