A Chat with Dan Murray, Founder and CEO at NearU

Dan Murray

NearU has launched an app that connects employees to flexible desk space and meeting rooms, putting flexible working at your fingertips. Traditional office working is a thing of the past and yet, working from home for the long term can have a negative impact on mental health.

NearU’s pay-as-you-go booking platform lets you choose to work-near-home when you want, eliminating the need for a commute, expensive office rental contracts, and giving you the freedom to do what works for you. Our technology is having a positive impact across a range of sectors. From construction to finance, businesses and their employees are realising the benefits of greater flexibility and choice, with improved retention rates and reduced environmental impact.


How did you come up with the idea for the company?

NearU started when we explored solutions to the problems of declining library space, commuting costs to go to the library, the lack of a guaranteed seat, and the effectiveness of that space as a working environment. What if you could select your optimal working environment that was next to your accommodation block or where friends live?

This approach then was applied to businesses, where many of these issues are replicated. Businesses historically have selected one uniform environment, where every individual employee is expected to perform and be comfortable in – why not give employees choice? Why waste time and cost everyday when you can find spaces to work near you? NearU is the solution to these problems.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The pandemic has accelerated our progression in a short space of time. COVID-19 has reimagined the sector that we’re in. The concept of having to be present at your office desk from 9-5pm (to show you are working) has been completely eradicated. With traditional mindsets shifting around working habits, we’re now looking at how we can continue to improve employee wellbeing and performance.

We’ve not only evolved in terms of the sectors we operate in, but are continually evolving when it comes to our product too. One of our latest features will give employees more flexibility and freedom than ever before, improving productivity and bringing back a social aspect to remote work.

What can we hope to see from NearU in the future?

Our focus is always on exploring how workers can be more efficient. From reducing commuting costs to saving wasted time, as well as giving employees choice for prioritising well-being, sustainability and proactivity, NearU boosts workers’ productivity and output.

Our future is to pursue this further, particularly when it comes to our reach and what our product developments can offer businesses and their employees. NearU’s mission is to make flexible working easy and we’re committed to putting our stamp on the future of the office.