A Chat with Daniel Tjondronegoro, Co-Founder at Cross-Media Audience Measurement Solution: Beatgrid

Today’s biggest advertising industry problem is a lack of understanding of cross-platform advertising campaign performance. Brands were (and still are) allocating their media budgets without being able to accurately track a closed-loop attribution of their ads on selected channels.

Consequently, we saw the opportunity to solve this problem with more advanced audience measurement across crucial channels, helping media buyers and planners optimize their cross-media advertising campaigns through our single-source proprietary ACR technology.

What do you think makes this company unique?

Beatgrid’s unique Automatic Content Recognition enables to most sophisticated mobile audience meter platform that allows advertisers to measure their cross-channel advertising campaigns from a single source.

Our solution covers an industry void with unduplicated or Incremental Reach & Frequency that all-time currencies haven’t been able to address. For our brand measurement solution, we replace claimed exposure with person-level deterministic cross-media ad exposure data. Now, advertisers will finally be able to compare cross-channel advertising performance, allowing for better media planning and more accurate ad buys.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

Although the initial idea behind using our ACR software was to use the software for the music industry, we saw a more succulent industry opportunity in the media measurement ecosystem and decided to pivot and enhance our ACR tech for passive measurement op smartphone apps, to solve the existing cross-media audience measurement challenge.

After a few years of initial pilots with companies like Google, Unilever, The Trade Desk, and P&G, we experienced exponential growth that led us to extend global partnerships and set new campaigns in key markets like the US, Australia, the UK, Germany, and India.

What can we hope to see from Beatgrid in the future?

In the coming quarters, and as solid proof of the success of our case studies with global brands, we expect to see an increase in marketed options by establishing new key strategic partnerships and clientships with global organizations and consolidate ourselves as the go-to measurement currency defining the future of cross-media audience measurement.

Furthermore, with the recent launch of our new corporate image, we intend to renew our facade and showcase a definite and curated full-funnel version of our cross-media products.


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