A Chat with David Webb, CEO at Technology Consultancy Company: 6point6

David Webb

6point6 was founded in 2012, and is a technology consultancy that drives the right change in organisations through helping companies to upgrade their technology securely.

We connect cloud, data and cyber to engineer and deliver large-scale, complex transformations across public and private sectors, including organisations such as the Home Office, BBC, Clear Bank, Telegraph Media Group and others. Our aim is to discover problems you didn’t know needed solving, for example, offering penetration testing services to businesses, where hackers are allowed to probe their systems for weaknesses to simulate a real-world cyberattack.
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How did you come up with the idea for the company?

After 15 years of contracting in tech, I decided I’d had enough of fixing projects that I knew I could do better. I no longer enjoyed the work, feeling each role was the exact same. I wanted to do something different, something that would make me look forward to the working day, which is what led me to create 6point6. Back in 2012, no one spoke about the hacks that happened nor the potential risk and consequences of data exposure in the future.

Today, the idea of cybersecurity and protection is much more understood. People know the risks and are far more aware of the consequences of being hacked from an impact on brand loyalty through to being handed fines.

The 6point6 name is representative of what we do and stand for as a company. It comes from Planck’s constant ─ the foundation of all quantum mechanics ─ representing our love for developing well-architected future-facing solutions to complex challenges.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

As a whole, the technology sector was fairly insulated from the severe consequences of the pandemic. We saw very little effect on the business as most clients are within financial services, government, and other public sectors, and the majority of that work is project-based, such as delivering on cloud technology or digital transformations which we were in high demand. As a tech consultancy, we already had the infrastructure in place for remote working with our engineers, architects and developers used to remote collaboration and communication – most of our business went fully remote within a day.

6point6 has grown over the last year, securing new business, constantly improving and delivering on bigger projects. One year on from March 2020, we’ve grown by 70 new hires to fulfill increasing demand and opportunity for our expertise to be utilised in new and different areas.

What can we hope to see from 6point6 in the future?

Currently, 6point6 operates in the UK, with the head office based in London. We’ve recently announced that Intermediate Capital Group has come on board with a minority stake in the business. With their partnership, we’re working towards expanding across Europe and then to the US, driving brand awareness globally.