A Chat with Dec Norton, CTO at Home Care Management System: CareLineLive

Dec Norton, CTO at CareLineLive

CareLineLive is a cloud-based all-in-one homecare management software, which improves efficiency, capacity and compliance of office staff and carers by digitising workflows and automating a broad range of processes from rostering to payroll services.

The technology helps to complete the ‘circle of care’ between carers, service users, family, and key stakeholders, ultimately giving carers more time to care by keeping them informed in real-time of their clients’ needs. CareLineLive enables agencies to be more compliant and empowers carers to do the job they want to do.

Home care agencies can also save time and money, and carers spend less time on paperwork with clients receiving better care. Our system offers a Management Platform, a Carer Companion mobile app, and a Care Circle Portal.

We strive to lead the market by providing the best possible customer service, responsive technical support while remaining agile and innovative. As a team we’re always looking at the next way we can help customers and provide them with truly modern solutions, through automating workflow processes, such as rostering, invoicing and payroll, leading to decreased costs.
CareLineLive improves communication and helps deliver better care – Care  Talk

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Our MD and Founder, Josh Hough, had previously launched a successful IT company, specialising in managed solutions for SMEs and HNWIs, but the CareLineLive journey started just by chance. Josh had a care agency customer and they approached him about building a platform that could bolt onto the system they already had in place. It was then that he started to realise the pitfalls that the industry faced as it tried to go digital, and decided to bring me on board to find a technical solution.

Josh and I have always shared a passion for innovation and were in the same IT and Computing classes at school. Josh started to muster interest for CareLineLive and I began to work for the company, back then it was codenamed Project Clive, while I was studying at University. Following that, I was freelancing and working with a range of travel brands and developed my own technical understanding by delivering projects ranging from bespoke content management backends to (at the time) cutting edge virtual reality apps, back then virtual reality was just sticking your phone in a cardboard visor! Throughout this time, the CareLineLive brand grew and I was still very much engaged with developing the product itself.
At the end of 2017, Josh had gathered some investors and wanted to take a real stab at growing the company. It was then that my role at CareLineLive solidified and I joined the team – since then, I haven’t looked back.


How has the company evolved during the pandemic?

The global pandemic has contributed to the acceleration and uptake of new technology and software. We quickly updated our app to include quick reference information about COVID-19, such as key symptoms, and useful hygiene prompts for carers. The updates provided timely reminders to carers at client visits to wash their hands, clean surfaces, and wear PPE.

To help homecare providers during COVID-19, we also offered new subscribers their first four months free of a minimum 12-month contract. This enabled agencies to onboard quickly with minimal financial upfront investment, during what was a very challenging time.

In the latter half of 2020 we were awarded an Innovate UK grant from the Sustainability and Innovation fund, which helped us research & develop new feature sets targeted at facilitating further digitisation of care planning functions and enabling better visibility into the welfare of the vulnerable. It gave us the opportunity to grow the team and start exploring technologies that don’t yet have a foothold in the social care space, such as Machine Learning.

What can we hope to see from CLL in the future?

We have just channeled our recent Government funding into our latest product features to help widen the circle of care to external stakeholders, such as GPs and emergency services, and enable carers to become more responsive and proactive to potential issues.

These new capabilities will allow carers to easily record observations on their clients’ physical and mental welfare, for example meals & fluid intake and blood pressure & glucose readings, meaning that carers can monitor their clients’ health effectively. Our new features will also allow carers to take photos to log potential issues, as well as providing agencies with the ability to follow the correct procedures and to record any incidents, giving other stakeholders comprehensive information about any concerns reported.

Looking forward 12-18 months, we want to continue expanding our care planning offerings as well as solidifying our foundation as an ERP; tackling more of the everyday inefficiencies such as taking payments and resource planning. In addition to this, we’re also setting our sights on more ‘out there’ ideas such as IoT devices which will provide even more detail and comfort to the family & friends of the elderly and vulnerable, resulting in increased person-centred care.