A Chat with Donna Litt, COO at Career Success Company: Uvaro

Uvaro is a career success company that offers skills development and coaching to support people in achieving their career goals The idea was born out of the realization that there is a discernible gap between what’s being taught in traditional education institutions and the required training/ skill sets required to excel in tech-sales.

So, we identified three pillars of career success for Uvaro to be built upon: in-class learning, technological solutions designed to ease learning and peer-to-peer and mentor networking. By combining these, we accelerate training without compromising the quality of the course content.

At Uvaro, we help our members gain practical and soft skills required to succeed in their new careers through live online classes led by industry professionals and career services designed to equip them to steer through potential real-life situations.
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What do you think makes Uvaro unique?

Right from Uvaro’s business structure and offerings, we have focused special attention on facilitating long lasting collaborations between students and Uvaro. For instance, a membership model in place of a program model intends to reframe the conventional thinking behind career guidance as a transactional process during a point of time in the job seeker’s life.

Turning this around, Uvaro helps members actualise change by supporting them through every step of their journey. Throughout the planning process behind the scenes at Uvaro, there is an appreciation for the challenges that come with navigating in-depth understanding of what it’s like to take your baby steps in a new career.

Our human-to-human approach to career development is another aspect that reinforces this outlook. Members are connected to highly experienced tech sales professionals and industry experts to enable direct learning opportunities to update their knowledge and hone their sales acumen.


How has the company evolved over the past couple of years?

Most notably, we have grown our offering considerably in the past 12 months. We have added new courses and also shifted our model from a program model to the membership model mentioned above. Our standard memberships are two years, during which time members are able to return to Uvaro’s courses for additional skills development and connect directly with our career coaches and mentors for support.

We also made a commitment as an organization to address the gender and diversity gap. This is something we care about deeply. We took a good look at our membership data and we learned that while we had a pretty even split of applicants who self-identified as male and female, we were signing up more male members than female. We decided to dig in on what barriers were preventing those who identify as women from joining and set out to address them in meaningful ways.

From there, we launched several scholarships for women and women of coluor to cover the cost of memberships. Today, the gap between self-identified male and female members has closed and we remain committed to welcoming and fostering a diverse membership.

What can we hope to see from Uvaro in the future?

It sounds cliche but the sky really is the limit. Our model and our approach to course delivery means that we are able to be hyper-agile to meet the ever-changing needs of the workforce. Technology, in particular, is constantly evolving and at Uvaro we truly have the upper hand when it comes to being able to switch up our courses with very little runway as opposed to rebuilding a curriculum in a traditional post-secondary environment.

As our internal team continues to grow, we have diverse experiences and ideas that will continue to shape Uvaro. Our immediate future looks like continued growth, expansion of services, and new courses.