A Chat with Dr Anika Walia, Founder & Director at Eco-Friendly Cosmetics Brand: Doctor A Cosmetics

Dr Anika Walia

Doctor A Cosmetics is a socially conscious, eco-friendly British cosmetics brand committed to providing skincare solutions with high-quality, 100% naturally derived and ethically-sourced ingredients, including fruit extracts, plant extracts and vitamins.

How did you come up with the idea for the company?

Doctor A Cosmetics is proud to be a female-led and minority-owned company. We need skincare on the market that caters to all skin tones and skin colours, and Doctor A Cosmetics is doing just that.

From a young age, I’ve been passionate about skincare. Whilst growing up I suffered from very severe acne, which took a significant toll on my confidence – I tried everything from over-the-counter products to prescription medication and I spent a lot of time educating myself on skincare.

Fast-forward to now, my own experience and passion for skincare of course was part of my inspiration, but I also wanted to create more diversity in the skincare and beauty industry, to help the industry become more fairly representative and inclusive to all.

Many brands also add a lot of unnecessary chemicals and artificial fragrances into their products, which can actually aggravate people’s skin more – which is why I chose to launch as a totally transparent, ingredient-focused, natural skincare brand – offering products that will help people to see real results.

Another reason for my inspiration behind the brand is that I’m a firm believer that everyone has an ethical responsibility to help protect the planet. The beauty industry alone causes billions of units of non-recyclable packaging waste every year, which is something that has to change. This is why we’re an eco-friendly, sustainable brand, using fully recyclable and ethically sourced packaging.

How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We officially launched in March 2021, so we’re still a very early-stage start-up. However, we have been dedicated to developing the products since August 2019.

During that time, we have developed and now launched three high-quality skincare products including an intensely exotic night repair moisturiser, Vitamin C brightening moisturiser and a 24K gold royalty treatment facial oil.

Since launching, we’ve noticed a tremendous response to our products and we are excited moving forward. Customers are becoming more ethical and ingredient-focused and want to know exactly what’s going into their skincare. Things are changing in the beauty industry but we still have a long way to go.

What can we hope to see from Doctor A Cosmetics in the future?

As the brand grows, we hope to develop and launch more products into our skincare range. We aim to eventually launch more skincare products using culturally representative ingredients too.

Doctor A Cosmetics is committed to going beyond skincare to build a community centred on empowerment. We have pledged 5% of our proceeds to Anika Food Charity, an organisation that helps and empowers homeless individuals and families, as well as survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, honour marriages, and more.

As a brand, we will continue to care for people and deliver results.


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