A Chat with Dr Nirusa Kumaran, Founder and Medical Director at Elemental Health Clinic

Elemental Health Clinic is one of very few Doctor Led, CQC regulated remote clinics in the UK offering Precision and Personalised Medicine.

After I had my second daughter my whole perception of how I wanted to practice Medicine changed. She had severe eczema soon after birth, requiring hospital attendance and multiple steroid creams weeks on end. It was soon discovered she had 13 food allergies. To help her improve her health holistically, I researched into the root causes for why she developed her health condition and discovered functional medicine.

Studying functional medicine was remarkably insightful, truly eye opening. I decided this was the way I had to practice medicine going forward in the interest of my patients. Functional medicine as a speciality is relatively new, and definitely so in the UK. To practice it, I had to set up my own clinic and that is what I decided to do. After a year of planning, becoming registered with the CQC, organising my team etc I launched Elemental health clinic in February 2022.

Elemental Health Clinic offers patients time with a doctor or nutritional therapist to truly get to the root causes of their health problems. We tailor our solutions and treatment plans to suit your needs, diet, preferences, physiology, genes are more. We don’t approach health with a one size fits all approach. Additionally, utilising the tools of functional medicine and nutrition, we have the power to reverse disease &/or put diseases into remission, not simply suppress symptoms using medication.

We have a range of services from looking deeper into chronic health problems such as gut health problems, thyroid disorders, long COVID, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances to sport nutrition, health optimisation and nutrigenomics.


What do you think makes this company unique?

This company is unique as there are very few healthcare clinics in the UK who approach health utilising a systems biology approach – considering how all the systems in the body work together and look for the root causes for why someone has become unwell in the first place.


How has the company evolved over the last couple of years?

We just launched in February so looking forward to see how we progress.

What can we hope to see from Elemental Health Clinic in the future?

We would like to reach as many people in the UK as possible. Chronic diseases are rising and patients are simply not getting the care they need from the current health system. We truly believe our approach has the power to reverse disease or put symptoms into remission.