A Chat with Dusan Kovacic, Chief Investment Officer at Rockaway Blockchain Fund: A Venture Capital Firm Backing Leading Web3 Founders

Dusan Kovacic

Rockaway Blockchain Fund (RBF) is a venture capital firm backing leading Web3 founders. By helping the pioneers of tomorrow ship their products faster, we are accelerating the development of a globally-decentralized and prosperous ownership economy.

We are headquartered in the Czech Republic, with a global portfolio of industry-leading Web3 projects. The firm’s main focus is on long-term value creation, and this is something we can offer our investment projects by providing venture, engineering, and liquidity support. RBF has invested in more than 25 funds and 35 projects to date, including for example Solana, Uniswap, and Cosmos, and putting us on track to become Europe’s largest Web3 investment firm.


What do you think makes this firm unique?

In contrast to many other firms operating in the space, RBF provides early-stage startups with more than just capital. We do this by helping to grow a community and connecting projects with developer talent across Central Europe through partnerships with top universities, as well as developer-focused conferences and hackathons such as the Gateway to Cosmos hackathon we held back in May—the largest Cosmos community conference in Prague.

Although there is a lot of interest from traditional VCs to fund Web3 projects, the nature of this industry demands support beyond just the provision of capital. Our strategy allows us to provide strong venture connections, institutional-grade engineering and development support, security audits, and on-chain liquidity, supporting project longevity in a rapidly evolving industry.

How has the firm evolved over the last couple of years?

Our team has tripled in size over the last year in order to support our value add across venture investing, engineering and liquidity. As we have expanded beyond solely early-stage venture investing, we launched a dedicated yield fund, and the Labs team has started to build things like a live network monitoring and risk management dashboard.

From our inaugural fund, Rockaway Blockchain Fund l, which closed in 2021 with a total amount of $123M, we have now deployed more than 75 percent of the capital raised.

What can we hope to see from RBF in the future?

We are continuing to invest in high-quality projects and will look to continue growing our portfolio and advance the industry. Historically our investment strategy included a trading vertical, and going forward we will be focusing more on investments in Decentralized Finance, Web3 and Infrastructure.

We look for good teams that demonstrate subject matter expertise in a project that is scalable globally. The blockchain ecosystem is still very underdeveloped and things like insurance and derivatives are both very interesting areas.


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